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Character Simulator Update 03/25/2009

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Hello everybody! Dr. Riotbladiera here with a brand spanking new update to the ever so hated charsim!

Gravity finally gave me motivation to update this character simulator by another whole DECIMAL place!  That's right folks, version 0.4 of the character simulator has been made public.  With the addition of third jobs, and 5 new signature templates by Parameter, we have enough material to keep the excitement alive for another five whole days! That's not all folks, here's a full update list:

Changes (taken from the charsim):
-Updated to the current release of jobs
-Updated to the current release of headgears
-Added frame position for each action and the missing actions
*Note, there is no charsim limit to the frames you view.  If the image doesnt look right, then you've passed the limit.
-Added 5 sigs made by forum member, Parameters
-Added carts that mimic in-game positioning
-Updated the custom hairstyles using Pinky's GRF
-Added a ton of new backgrounds

*Now tries to be fully IE compatible*

Notice the "tries" to be fully IE compatible?  Hey, I try!  Special thanks to Parameter for making this possible.  If you want to submit signature templates, please visit [This Topic] for more information!
Link: http://ratemyserver.net/ro-character-simulator/index.php

[Riot's shameless plug]
If you are into the anime scene and collect figures or want to start collecting figures, you may PM me or MSN/Yahoo me at [email protected] .  I run a small licensed retail business and carry some figures.  I also have contacts in Japan that have figures for discounted prices!  Some of these popular figures include Saber Lily, Kimono Shiki and Nao (Mabinogi).  I also do preorders!  I am willing ship international, so please contact me if you have any questions.

Thanks for reading, and enjoy.


Yeah pretty neat update! /no1

=3 nice, but just to point out some of the items have "no sprite" as the image down in the selection box....

Also there are two Evil Snake Lord hats, one of which is like a new yellow bandana.


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