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Character Simulator Signature Templates Wanted!

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I've been updating the character simulator with new features lately and currently it's almost ready for release.  Before doing that however, I would like to have more signature templates.  The signature that we have are overused, so we need more unique designs.  The best way to achieve unique designs is to have multiple artists work on their own versions.  I'm giving a chance to any artist to have their work published within the character simulator.

Please follow the guidelines below if interested:

Sigs must:
-be strictly 384 x 109 pixels
-be RO related somehow
-use high quality renders
-be original
-optional watermark

For example, if Jay creates a signature that's 384x109 pixels but uses an unrelated anime render, then it will not pass.  If Eric creates a signature with Touhou crossups of RO, then it'll pass.  It just needs to have RO material in it and look nice.  However, if Daniel decides to use a 40 pixel image and enlarges it to 400 pixels, then the quality will be degraded and it will not pass.  Lastly, if Jen were to create an image out of the fanart kit, then it'll just look like any other RO image available in all the other sites and it will not pass.

Jay,Eric,Daniel and Jen suck at drawing.

Okay, not really.  As long as it's creative, I'll include it into the character simulator.  Please reply with a link to your image if interested.


P.S, if anybody wants to submit backgrounds, feel free to follow the standard's I've set on the current backgrounds.

We post it here?

Yes, here

Other question, does it need the "Generated by Ratemyserver" tag?

Some I've made:
Summer Break


Sin Blow


It's really your choice, since the sigs are yours.

The ones you've posted look nice.



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