anyone know how to build a high rate monk?

Started by dudeman2491, Jun 19, 2007, 09:39 PM

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Anyone know whats the best equipment for a pure pvp high rate champion? like i see some champs that are invincible but i dont know what makes them tick :P


there use a sinX Card what they rate of they sever ??? ??? ::)


Do 4 Berzebub's make it so that Asura takes no SP but still does the damage? If so, use that.
S>Rock lol

Play on the Excalibur Network servers.


Berzebub cards are made for acsessories, so unless the server has been edited to allow more than 1 card in equips other than weapons, thats not possible.

p.s: sry if this counts as reviving an old post, xD



I think finnith meant Pharaoh cards. Berzebub ones reduce the cast time and not SP consumption.