MVP Champion on a 30x/30x/10x with no gods and diablo items.

Started by madking01, Jan 31, 2017, 04:54 AM

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MVP Champ 99/70

All I ask is for a build and items for this type of champion, there is no diablos item, no godly items, no foods,
my plan is to go to thor and hunt some orlean gloves, please help me and teach me for the right items :) thank you so much guys


u want mvp or OG farm build? both are different build


morph set, sohee shoes, abysmals luna, porcel orleans gown, alice strong shield, 120 str 80 int rest dex and ur done


In head: Magnis Cap/Marionet Doll *Incubus Card
In Upper:sunglases *Incubus Card
in Lower: any item which increase the SP
in Armor: Orleans Uniform (Porcellio Card) *+3 Str if It Possible
Shield: Stone Buckler with Tara Frog (cuz they are Demihuman)
In Shoes: Tidal Shoes (Sohee Card)
In Garmet: Morpheus Shawl
In Accesory1: Vesper/Diabolus Ring (Mantis Card)
In Accesory2: Vesper/Diabolus ring (Mantis Card)

i Used This build when i started and my hit was 141K
the only difficult thing here is get the cards, i had to go with my sniper looking for them...


if there are no diablos items, then I suggest the following items

Head top = marionette doll [incubus]
Head mid = robo eye or sunglasses/elven ears [incubus]
Head bottom = fathers mustache/bubble gum/ anything that gives sp,atk,int or str.
Body = Orleans Gown (+3 str/int) [porcellio]--- DMG and uninterruptable cast
Weapon = Chain [3 abyssmal knights] ---MVP DMG
Shield = Stone Buckler [Alice] -- This is for MVP reduction
Garment = Morpheus shawl --- Sp
Shoes = Tidal [sohee] --sp
Accessories = x2 Ring [Mantis] --- more dmg

if someone will tank for you  =
dex 50
the rest int

if you will solo
dex 80-90
str 80-90
vit 30-50
the rest int


Any recommendations for a server that does not have Tidal set?

The server I play on is running Hugel ep. So no access to Tidal set yet. Thanks.


Replace tidal shoes with  slotted footgear with sohee card.
you wont need tidal-wool combo if you are using morph set.