Best way to level up monk? [Pre-renewal]

Started by User1, Jan 06, 2018, 09:16 AM

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What is the best way to level monk in a low rate pre-renewal server? I have tried combo monk, but oh my bhudda it is slow. There are no town healers or teleports available, but I can dual client if I have to. Any suggestions folks?


Leech it. Lvling a monk solo is pain in the donkey unless you have a pt


it sorta depends on the server's rates as far as what's reliable, and what gear you have

-party in bio with linker/hp
-leech from guild in thor/bio while playing a better support class
-gfist incarnations of morroc..s
-dunk sleepers/turtles all your life
-be a steel body tank for some randos in abbey
-combo down some banshees and stuff

they're a fun class to solo with, but not being able to mob is a bit of an issue unfortunately