Started by fruitmove, Dec 29, 2020, 05:21 PM

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Good Day,

Im currently playing at a 99/70 Trans Server. (NO BOSS CARDS NO GOD ITEMS)
I was just thinking about my build, like regarding stats and gears.
Since i wont be casting Assumptio inside so im guessing no need for dex stats?
I was planning on going max 97 VIT (stun proof), then the rest AGI (cast delay).
For gears of course anti range gears for Acid Demonstrations.

What are you thoughts about this?


Your thoughts are correct;

But you can consider the following for stats;
1. Vit = total of 91
2. Dex = total of 100~110
3. Agi = rest

Always use anti-long range
Yellow Bandana
Inso Sunglass
Gentleman's Pipe
Horn Card
Nox Card
Alligator Card