help me with my champ. super high rates ^^

Started by executioner, May 17, 2007, 02:51 PM

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hi can anyone help me in equipt and cards of my champ.priorty my card /e5. in my server max lvl is 999. max stat is 700 but they dun put vit. all items are 4 slot xcept shield [2]. can any one help me to calculate.


Making a Champion is funny on those kinds of high-rates

Really, all you need is any hat and put 4 pharaoh cards (-120% SP consumption) on it, what this does is allows you to use Asura Strike/Guillotine Fist without the SP cost. In other words, Infinite Asura!!!!!!!!! Max out Strength and Intelligence and get Valkyrie Armour with two Tao Gunkas and two Egnigem Cenia cards. Then get a Vidar's boots and put a Moonlight Flower, two Dark Lord cards and a Amon Ra card. I'm sure the other stuff you can figure out,
S>Rock lol

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asura is crap with all the ghostrings anyway id reckon..