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Started by FreshSoul, Jul 04, 2011, 02:00 PM

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I've only used the Champion class to satisfy my MvP needs, and have never known champ beyond warp/asura. I always use the standard cookie cutter build of a morph set and such. I would love to know the proper way to play a Champ, from builds (FO/Asura) to stats, to gears and even to strategies and role playing in WoE.
My server is : 99/70 , FE WoE, no godly gears, BG is hard to get (Lack of people)
Anything would be greatly appreciated.


Where to start  :D
I thing, that only possible build for woe is classic asura. (Skill Tree if it is pure woe/bg.)

Like my friend Anmer said yesterday stats are very individual. There are few basic types of stats :
High dex, high str, low vit
High str, high vit, low dex (I prefer this one)
High dex, high vit, low str

First one means that you have strong and fast asura, which is main option of BGing as champion. But if you meet gypsy you can be quite nervous because of stars appearing again and again above your head.
Second one is more woe, less bg. Strong asura, but little bit slower (by low dex I dont mean 40 but 110-120+) and without bragi you will suffer while casting Spheres, Fury, Spheres and your asura can be easily hidden. Also high vit protects you from all crosses and gypsies, but Acid demo would never be your friend.
Third one is also woe and also little usefull in bg. I used this one, but I changed to more str, because some ppl could survive my asura and thats wrong.

Gear is also very individual, i will list a lot of possibilities and try to show you adventages and disadventages of them.

Top Head: DH Reduction (Feather Beret, DEF Baphomet Horns, I love china) ; LR Reduction (Yellow Ribbon) ; Other Stuff (Nightmare, Incubus)
Middle Head: Sunglasses[Incubus]
Low Head: Atk (Gangster Scarf, Pirate Dagger) ; Reduction (Gentemans Pipe, 4 Leaf Clover in Mouth)
Armor: Diabolus Robe[Marc ; Evil Druid] [DEX +3]
Shield: Valkyria's Shield ; Bradium Shiled[Thara Frog ; Horn]
Garment: +x Proxy Skin Fragment[Noxious] ; Morpheus Shawl
Boots: Variant Shoes
NonSwitchable Accessory: Diabolus Ring[Zerom ; Alligator
SwitchAble Accessory: Diabolus Ring[Horong ; Smokie ; Zerom] ; Orlean Gloves[Marine Sphere]
Weapon: Battlefield Morning Star ; Long Mace ; Lunakaligo[2x Abyssmal Knight, Peco Peco Egg] ; Barrage Fist[4x Cecil Damon]

Red goes with red, blue goes with blue, green is switch.

As you can see, you can have DemiHuman Reduction or LongRange Reduction. On Mass woe use LR reduction, on low woe and bgs use demi reduc. As I said before, gear is individual, if you cannot understand why I mentioned this or anything else, just ask here or send me pm (pm would be better because I can overlook that this topic has new posts.

Example of woe build (DH): click
Example of woe build (LR): click
Example of bg build: click
(In calc, botomest accessory is switchable ; 10dex food is used because there is no I love china there ; 1dex from Marionette control is used because there is no 4leaf clover there (1dex, -1% cast time, 3% demi reduction)

Well ... explaining Strategies and roleplay is very difficult. Best way how to learn playing as champion is plaing as champion and watching woe vids from good champon players. I dont know what should I tell you about it. Just play, play, play. Your role is to keep gypsyis with slow grace out you your camp, asura ppl in your camp, guard back part of castle (if ecaller from another guild went trough), pneuma proffesors in 1st line, bless+agi your party or 1st line.
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The Eagle

How much dex would you say is good to have in WoE and still being able to 1 hit KO people. If you dont have a good amount of dex couldnt they just stop your cast ?


140+ imo and yes, provoke[stupid to increase the atk of an enemie champ but stops the cast anyway!!], as many other stuff, exist.


provoke cant be used on ED.. you can fast switch your armor and use aloevera


I personally reccomend 120+ Dex and 100+ Str along with medium vit, 40-50 or so, and then shove the rest in Int for SP.

Hunt Lunakaligo's and +7 and up them, the damage, the stun, and the three slots are great for you.
Also hunt a few chains to make status weapons when up against those that can block your asura, and find a Horong Card for the sole fact of Stalkers.

Zerom cards are what you need, along with Marc/ED for armor, and definitly Incubus Sunglasses for fun. I would also suggest Variant Shoes for both HP and SP and the usual +7 FB and +7 Thara Valk.

A cloaking garment wouldn't go wrong either so you can sneak up and Asura.


Quote from: The Eagle on Jul 07, 2011, 07:13 PM
How much dex would you say is good to have in WoE and still being able to 1 hit KO people. If you dont have a good amount of dex couldnt they just stop your cast ?

I'd say 130dex total and 100str and 90vit for WoE. You can pretty much one-shot most people in this build + you'll seldom get stunned.