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Started by kuyageej, Dec 12, 2014, 03:22 PM

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 /?? /ok /no1 /gg / hi there im at this new slerver which is rms based with a 255blvl/120blvl and 255 max stats. 196 max aspd=no skill delay and is also a frost server. someone please help? For champ stat and pvp build?



You don't need any suggestions. Just 99 DEX 99 AGI 99 STR 99 INT and it's gg. Use +10 BG weapon and Diabolous Robe and everything is GG.
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sir the max stats in my server is 255


Builds on 255+ servers are cheap as hell.

Just get:

-max str
-max aspd (193 still would be enough, but get more to encounter dispell)
-enough dex for instant cast without buffs (additionally +25 dex against quagmire but I have my doubts that somebody will quagmire you on such a s*** server)
-rest vit/int for status resistance and higher sp pools (5920 sp is max)

I doesnt really matter what you are doing. At least you will just do zen-fury-zen-asura because you arent able to see when its better not to march forward like stupid s;
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thanks sir um, the max sp cap in our server is only 5k, could you please give me some tips on the equips? i think BG weapons are not implemented on the server