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Started by naid, Dec 13, 2014, 02:56 AM

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TalonRO(pre-renewal 99/70)

Please help me with my stats and equips(basic gears and end-game equips if possible). Thanks in advance. :)


BG/God Items? Custom (donate) items?
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What kind of PvP build? Asura?  FO? Combo? ;D


Non-donor items and yes, BG/God Items(for end-game equips). If possible, please include basic item build(cheap build). Asura type monk. Thanks for the reply. :)


It's been a while since a had an asura champ for BG but from what I remember (others please correct me). just listing some things i remember:

-calculate the dmg you do on full reduce armor and put int/str until you do like 20-25k dmg ( i dont know how many GR cards or tao cards are on talon nowadays which makes it a  bit difficult) but with 20-25k dmg you can 1shot asura nearly everyone and dont waste points on dmg you dont need

- get awa pots and the BG fist with aspd (i think thats the one i used) to reduce the animation delay of asura, snap, and zen

- obviously get alot of dex

- frilldora card is always nice

- for armor: BG set or dia robe etc, i dont know whats standard on talon ^^