[Non-Renewal] Body Relocation/Snap in Battlegrounds

Started by Fluorite~, Aug 16, 2011, 02:27 AM

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For as long as I could remember, Monks/Champions are able to use Body Relocation in Battlegrounds.  However, I've recently joined a server where you can't use it in Battlegrounds.  When I looked at the RMS Skill Description, I saw an unusual message in the "Other Notes" section:

"Cannot be used in Battleground maps"

Not quite what I was expecting.  So I take a look over at iROwiki guides and eAthena change logs:  There are no mentions of Body Relocation being disabled in Battlegrounds.

So:  Why no Body Relocation in Battlegrounds?  Where is the source of this information?


I'm personally not sure, but it could be something that doesn't work depending on the server.

I mean, I've seen servers that try to balance things, or make certain skills not work as they should.

So it's really all down to what the admin of the servers want.