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Author Topic: Very Specific SinX help  (Read 2454 times)

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Very Specific SinX help
« on: Jun 20, 2007, 07:07 AM »
Ok i keep getting owned ALOT and i can't help but feel useless, I need a Sonic Blow Build and a Crit build

Server Info

Removed- Thanatos Card, Assassin Cross Card, Kiel D-01 Card, Randgris Card, White Smith Card, Maya Purple card, and Ice Pick.
Removed- All normal forgers/refiners/Weapon Refine skill
Changed- Deviling Card Effect from 50% to 30%
Changed- Maya Card from 50% to 25%
Changed- GTB from 100% to 25%
Changed- Doppelganger card effect to AspdRate +10%
Changed- Made arrows non cusumeable.
Modified- Incantation Samurai ygg drop rates.
Modified- Dokebi gold drop rates.
Modified- Wanderers gold drop rates.
Changed- All consumable items delay rate to .5 of a second
Cast-off Ciceda Shell Skill- 5 Sec. Cast,Skill, and Duration Delay.
Crimson Fire Blossom Skill- 1 Sec. Cast Delay.
Lightning Spear of Ice Skill- 1 Sec. Cast Delay.
Blade Stop Skill- 3 Sec. Duration
Yggdrasil Leaf- Not useable in PvP

Rates 3k/3k/100%
Max Stat 300
Max LV 254/254
Max aspd 195

All weapons/armors are normal (no 4 slotted)

Special Things
Custom headgear: +10 Luk and +10 Str[2]

Hero Armor[2] Vit +10 Max Hp +20% +15 Mdef +45% Mdef and Resistance to free
Hero Garment[2] Int +10 Dex +10 Sp +20%
Hero Shoes[2] Flee +40 Flee +40% Movement spd +10%

Now from what i've seen, non-donators could do like 24k (Crit build) +160k(Sonic Blow) with EDP on, can you guys help me get there? Any more information needed tell me.