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Author Topic: i need sinx/gltx build.. rates 10k/10k/1096  (Read 4324 times)

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i need sinx/gltx build.. rates 10k/10k/1096
« on: Apr 27, 2010, 05:30 AM »
Hello, I am Playing RychiRO and I'am looking for the best Assassin cross/Guillotine Cross build and equip. for PVP and what cards should i put on my equip. and what wepon should i useThank you..
The rates are
rates: 10k/10k/1096
Base Exp: 10000x
Job Exp:    10000x
Drop Rate: 1000x
Max stat:    255
Max Base Level: 255
Max Job Level: 50
Max Base Level (Adv): 255
Max Job Level (Adv): 120

My Equips:





Orlean's Gloves[1]

Orlean's Gloves[1]

+10Dessert Wind[4]

+10Dessert Wind[4]

+10Specialty Jur[4]

please help me.. thanks