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build for guillotine cross

build for guillotine cross
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build for guillotine cross
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build for guillotine cross
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Author Topic: asking build for guillotine cross and what is the best card damiging on eperium.  (Read 15192 times)

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Offline abuabu1

max level is 255 and job level is 120..
give me some build to have a high damage CROSS IMPACT..
and weapon to use and cards..
tnx a lot..


Offline Riel

That's a 3rd job/skill, so mechanics of it will probably vary everywhere (as stated in the sticky).
But high str and an infiltrator would work. Using damage increase by percentage cards like hydra or turtle general would increase damage a lot too.

Offline Triper

All depends about the mechanicals of the server:

- Renewal dmg calculation
- Using a custom version for dmg

If he's using a renewal version for dmg, gx is all about dual weapons according the needs and cross impact spam if I'm not wrong.

If is using a custom version for dmg[assume that is just adding the skills and make them working more or less nice according the info in the description of the skill] probably the best is using % stuff for more dmg with the usual sinx builds for dmg: high str, dex for hit, vit to survive but not enough to be raped by a thana, agi+dex for max aspd, bla bla bla.

It also depends a bit about if thana cards are easy or not to get and how custom is the server.