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Author Topic: [Renewal] how can guillotine cross corner ninja with cicada skin shed?  (Read 2142 times)

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Offline Zirius

it is soo annoying, ninja with cicada skin shed is completely untouchable since GX has no non-physical skill.
i planned using 4x stormy knight on then use soul destroyer to try to frost him, but appparently, SD can't inflict status ailments from cards.

how do you guys handle ninja with cicada? I mean, you can't ignore them, because a ninja with Tao Gunka card with high VIT, can instaKill you with Killing Stroke if you are not wearing cranial shield.

any thoughts?



Offline Jessie Rocket


As you said, use Soul Destroyer, it goes through Cicada Skin Shed as it is a "misc" attack. But maybe only the magical part will go through it, I don't know and don't want to tell you the physical part will 100% work.
Meteor Assault also goes through CSS (and deals status). Meteor Assault also by pass Reverse Tatami.
Once again, as you said, use Cranial Shield (by switching, of course). It's a part of the game and you say you can have 4 Stormy Knight, so I doubt it would be hard to get ;)

Don't forget that Killing Stroke is counted as a long range attack (cause 5 range). So 2 Alligator Card, a Noxious Card (or Goibne's Spaulders) and a Horn Card can help a lot! against them (check if you can have other anti range stuff on your server, like Yellow Bandana/Yellow Ribbon, for exemple). It's forced Neutral, so Noxious is even better than just for the Anti Range Property. And unlike Asura Strike, it does not by pass DEF (it just cannot be missed), so try getting the best DEF you can against them (well, not if they have Ice Pick / Memory of Thanatos Card or by passing DEF effects like Spectral Samourai Card, of course x) ).

Throw Stone also goes through Cicada Cast Shed :p (still a good and very fun thing if casted well right after the Killing Stroke for fun, knowing it let them 1 HP, and can be casted with your shield on).

Of course, knowing their Killing Stroke is based on their current HP, hitting them before they hit you will also help to reduce their damages.

I hope it will help you.
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Offline Terpsichore

There are multiple ways to deal with them.

Soul Breaker is the brute force solution, with a proper weapon setup and EDP, you can easily one-two shot Ninjas (and Kagerou/Oboro, I assume?) due to them having a very bad HP pool and being forced to dual wield in order to deal respectable damage. So it becomes a game of trying to catch them off guard while keeping your shield on, swapping to your offensive off-hand weapon of choice when the time is right. If the player isn't playing smartly and just tries to bumrush you with Final Strike,  equip enough reductions to survive it and time your Soul Breaker to land just after the hit has been dealt, before they start to pot the HP back.
With a good player and proper use of Kagerou/Oboro skills it becomes less one-dimensional but you still have the advantage of vastly superior HP pool and gear choices.

Otherwise, both Sprinkle Sand and Throw Venom Knife bypass Cicada and inflict statuses, Plankton cards are the obvious choice in this case.

Offline Zirius

i tried all, used deviling just to completely make him/her useless,
but not useless at all, since ninja has elemental spells too, but my potion can catch up.
so defensive, i am satisfied.

problem is with offensive, meteor assault or other skill that bypass cicada with 4stormy can easily mitigated with evil druid card.
and apparently even if you frost them, with their HIGH HP POOL (since they use high HP for stronger killing stroke), they just switch gears (they have enough time, since cicada still proc even they are frost`d), so i end up not touching them.

my poor GX.

Offline Jessie Rocket

And Evil Druid Card is easily countered by Holy dmg x) (which can be checked by playing against them). Btw, they don't like switching to ED card, I guess. It makes them remove their Tao Gunka Card (you said they had) and it makes them squishy to Holy and even Fire (if they don't have Valk Shield to get double daggers for exemple). So for them it's even worse than just halving their HP.

If you can get such cards, you can also get Ghostring Card. Then only 25% dmg from Neutral and no bonus dmg from other elements.

If they can be frozen (cause wearing Tao Gunka Card) then just auto attack the times needed to exactly remove their CSS without breaking the frozen effect. Even if they switch, their are still counted as Water Property, so +75% dmg with Wind attacks (a Dustiness + Steel Chonchon Card won't be enough to counter the bonus dmg from Wind). Switching to an Infiltrator with Skel Worker Card + endowing your weapon with a Wind scroll from Sage class (and EDP of course).

If they decide to remain hidden, waiting to jump on you, you can use a Box of Sunlight to plan where they will get at the end of their cast to immediately target them at the right place with your Venom Knife/Throw Stone/Soul Breaker.

I'd like to add that yes, Plankton card is great, but I guess everyone in PvP without INT get a Nightmare Card. At least to switch for the next match (if they have access to a middle slotted headgear on their server, it's even more easy to them).
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