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Author Topic: Leveling up Swordman (pally 99 vit 99 int, aka tank) until job 50 [no leech]  (Read 5187 times)

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Offline Kyou

So basically the title says it all, any guide to level up my Swordman on a low rate that doesn't include leeching with archer. Thanks in advance.


Offline exii

Not sure why anybody should play this type of paladin because even gc for pve with 99 int isnt the best choice with gear standart above episode 11. Not to mention that gc never would have 99 base vit and its completely useless as hybrid tank.
But if you have nothing better to do as to level up a trash build I reccoment you to max int and kill soils, les or whatever with a fireblend. But honestly I would spend my time with farming money for a leech if I wouldnt be able to use multi accs. Level up this kind of char gives me the hardest possible cancer in this game. Even if you would pay 5m for a leech from 1-70 it wouldnt take that long as if you would try to get your exp with killing monsters by yourself.

You also could try exp quests. Most servers have higher quest exp rates. If so, I recomment you to do in order: Ice Necklace, Lost Child, Friendship, Bruspetti, Curse of Gaebolg, Onward to a new world, Fairy. Guides for this are on iro wiki. Always start with Ice Necklace because it doesnt have a minimum level requirement to start it. Check out if repeatable exp quests are implemented on your server and try to collect sharp leafs (preferable farmed with hunter cls)

If the questrate is 10x then Ice necklace and Lost Child will be enough to hit lvl 70.
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Offline Kyou

Understood. So for a tank, is it a bad idea to go 99vit/99int? This is my first pally so I have no idea how to build them

Offline Kagamine Rinto

You want dex for for devotion cast time, maybe a little int for sp and str for pots

Offline Playtester

I wouldn't be that strict, but generally:

1. Never ever get more total Vit than you need to get Stun immunity (Vit + Luk/5 = 100). Getting high Vit for tanking and status change immunities is not the worst idea, but if you already have Stun immunity 11 Status Points for a minimal increase in max HP just isn't worth it.

2. Int for more SP (and I guess also Magic damage for leveling)  isn't bad, however, when getting 1 Int costs more than getting 1 Dex, then Dex is more useful. While it's possible to get more Int than Dex, Dex should never be lower than half Int. Generally, however, modern builds always go for Dex > Int, because faster casting matters in many situations in both PVP and PVM whereas more Magic Damage is mainly for PVM and more SP is nice, but can easily be replaced by using SP healing items (or just having a Priest with Magnificat in the party).

3. If you want to do PVP, you should at least get a little STR for pots. If you decide to get it at all, get it first, as it makes life as a Swordman easier.

Possible stat order (just an example, not optimized):
10 STR
30 DEX (early on helps a lot with damage)
20 STR
20 VIT (early on damage reduction is still noticable)
12 INT (since it's cheap and increases SP recovery by 2 per tick)
40 VIT
40 DEX
60 VIT
60 DEX
30 INT (start pumping this close before changing to 2nd job)

Now just increase DEX/VIT/INT as you think is most appropriate.

Final stats with class bonus and equip could for example be: 30 STR, 10 AGI, 85 INT, 99 VIT, 90 DEX, 5 LUK
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Offline Kyou

Forget full tank, what's the best build?
« Reply #5 on: Nov 04, 2014, 05:25 PM »
So it seems I forgot to put [PRE-RENEWAL] on the topic title.

Anyway, I've dropped the idea of full tank and I want solo leveling. What build should I follow, Grand Cross, Holy Cross or Agi Spear (dual or single?) ?

Also, a leveling spot suggestion would be cool

Offline exii

This depends in a couple of factors and you also need to differ between 2nd cls and rebirth.


Does the server have a resetter? (most important fact)
Does the server have a warper? If yes, are multiple stages of glastheim available? This can cut your level time by 500%. I just needed 2 hours to max a crusader on balikro.
What content are focussing? WoE? BG? PvE? Note that a build never can fit the demands of every content. So you need to make it more individual. This will be no problem if there is a resetter but if not you have f*cking problem.
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Offline Kyou

Thank god the server DOES have a resetter, and even tho I have people to party with, most of the time i'm soloing. The server has a warper, but it warps you to GH entrance, not the Chivalry/Castle/Church (and you can't memo inside GH).

The build I need right now is just a fast level up build to get my crusader to 99 soloing (and if possible, leveling spots and techniques).

After rebirth, then I want to go sacrifice for WoE/PvP (I still be soloing for levels).

The server has 2 days since it opened so I can't really buy gears or hunt (most of) them. Also, for some reason almost nobody is a priest so getting one would be a little bit hard >.<

This is my first crusader (I play since 2007) and I gotta say, crusaders are hard D:

Offline exii

Well, youre f*cked.

If the warper would have access for gh castle or smthn it would have been an easy job. If the warper ports you in front of gh sanctuary it also would be ok.
On ph-ro I just used a healer, warped at gh castle and gc'ed my sp empty. warped back to town and reaped it. This also would work on evil druid but not that fast.

Another solution requires a couple of cards and gear and a Soul Linker.
Just get 2x AK 1x Vadon 1x Peco Egg (or just 2x Vadon, 2x Peco Egg) 1x Alice (or at least Penomena) and 1x Raydric card and the shield with the most heavy weight you can find. Additionally: Knocker cards. For non-trans its Sacred Mission, Stone Buckler or a simple Shield. You can slot the shield on npc which is necessary because of the reduce card. The higher upgraded the better. Use a simple Main Gauche or any other dagger with 4 slots. Dagger because of Aspd.

So all you need to do is link yourself and hit monster with Shield Boomerang. Stats: max str, 40-60 vit, rest agi (a little int maybe). Just port around in Thor 1 and hit whatever you can. Dont bother yourself in finishing your target. If you get too much dmg just teleport away. Some Sniper or Champ will kill it soon or you will have a another chance to kill it by the time.
You should be able to do 2-3k hits as Sader. But Ive seen Paladins hitting the 5k cap. Shields for Paladin: Cross Shield or Strong Shield.

Sacrifice for WoE is the worst possible idea btw. Just sayin'
WoE Paladins are made for casting Devotion. Meaning 150 dex (or as high as possible), 99 base vit, rest agi.
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