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Author Topic: [Renewal] Grand cross damage for my sever  (Read 1427 times)

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[Renewal] Grand cross damage for my sever
« on: Jan 10, 2017, 01:10 AM »
      Hi guys, I'm from TRO revo-classic(almost similar to renewal but monster hp,stat,exp is referred from non-renewal) and this sever is just 2-2 class which crusader is coming soon so I don't know much about this skill but I just want to prepare my self for this coming class  /ok.
Here is my question [refer to renewal].
1. Is race,size modifier card effect to this skill or not?
2. Is ATK card such as Andre or Zipper bear effect to this skill or not?
3. I guess that damage formula (lvl10) is [(atk+matk) x 500%]x holy property fix  = damage per hit (correct me if I'm wrong), What kind of atk is use for calculation in this formula? (just use atk directly from in game stat window or else?

     However, what do you think about this skill in my sever that there are,
     -  2-1,2-2 class only (highest dmg dealer is Monk then Hunter trap build.
     -  No fix cast time (should cast grand cross with cast time less than 1 sec with high int).
     -  Best weapon for GC is Flamberge[2].
     -  I have no problem with pot consuming, No heal skills, I just hope that this skill will do damage high enough for 1 HKO Anubis (hp 38k) for fastest leveling.