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Author Topic: [Pre-Trans] Swordman Tips on Build, Stats, Farming/Leveling, and Equipments  (Read 5176 times)

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Offline Lamarcus Makel

Hello guys! I would be needing your help for me to learn more and what to do on my character as a swordman. I would appreciate a lot of your assistance since i am very new on this game. I'm currently playing in ZealRO, and i think its a mid-rate server who has base/job experience rate of 50x-80x floating and max/base job level is 99/70 transcendent. Just registered on their server the other day and wasn't played that much yet. So my concern is, as a swordman, what would i choose that will make my experience fun. I just want my character to be good in pvp or in woe as a breaker. Thank you in advance for the people who will share their expertise and knowledge.


Offline Rider

The end-game equipment may differ in every server depending on the custom item they have added. You would have a better chance learning which would be best by asking in that server's forums.

Since you said breaker, I'm assuming you're taking the path of a knight and not a crusader. If you want a general idea on how to play the class and what items to get for each build, look here: http://forum.ratemyserver.net/swordsman/

Offline neooo

@TS there so many builds known for a swordsman, i suggest you post the build you're currently planning to go through (eg. One handed BB type or Two handed DPS type) for people to figure out easier what would be best for your Swordsman