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Author Topic: [Non-Renewal] Teach me everything about Devotion-Paladin for WoE  (Read 1155 times)

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Offline Eliphas Levi Zahed

Being a wizard was fun for WoE/BG but since then I went on to another role which is being a devo-paladin.
My server just officially released both FE and SE WoE this weekends and now I need to learn something since this would be my first time being a Paladin class.

Brief server info: No Battle Ground equips, 99/70 with 0.05% MVP card and 5x on MVP Drops. 50/50/10
Brief background: I do have enough budget since I played for two months now and I can afford almost everything the market, though there is this "Rental Gear Box" which gives us a specific set on specific job that is mostly SE-oriented.

What are the stats build for devotion-paladin?
What are the skill-build, since I don't want to reset every now and then. :)

And please fill me in with some tactics or devo-ing is really just straightforward to not let my party/guildmate die.

Total newbie here, thanks in advance for those who helped. /no1


Offline Zereges

I won't be giving out full stat/eq calc build, because I am lazy to input it there, but:

Stats: 99dex, 99vit, 25str/agi (str/agi depends on devotion's min delay)
Equip: Max dex (ramen hat, orl gloves, dia armor) and max hp (brad shield, variant shoes/dia boots, naght/dia mant) or just go for full bg set (which gives you slightly more hp, but -2 dex), quad dex knife. You can also give out reductions completely and use Andre Egg isntead of Thara/Horn and Aliot instead of Nox/Ray and even use Peco Peco instead of Marc.
Skills: Devotion, Faith, Increase HP recorvery, Pressure (Gloria Domini), Shield Reflect, Defender.

Stand back and spam devotion on creators/OLP profs, maintain devotion on stalker. Beware, that being hit during devotion cast time will interrupt the cast, but also make you unable to cast it again for some client bug reason, forcing you to either move a bit, refresh or use another skill, that does not require target (first aid is popular).
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Offline Eliphas Levi Zahed

Woah, what a fast reply and thanks since you also helped me out build my Hwiz for WoE/BG /no1