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Offline WickedRO

Wicked Ragnarok Online
« on: Jul 13, 2019, 05:35 PM »
Hey guys, I would like to introduce to you our very own WRO (Wicked Ragnaron Online) server,
What is good about our server is, well.. I made 2 different types of settings for grinding and battleground players.
so players can choose what they want, but.. still you can always be a grinding and battleground player, at the same time.
Everything can be obtained via cash shop, zeny and quest. MVP monsters was set into an npc (some MVP still re-spawn normally) where players can
bring some requirements, register and wait until npc confirms who are the lucky players. The reason for these changes are players will camp and other cant get their chances of killing the MVP.
why hunt MVP monsters? Their card's are modified to suit on our server's rate (not all MVP cards effects are changed, some cards still have the same effects.)

I'll stop there, and see the rest of our server features in-game.

Basic Info
E X P rates: 70000.00x
Drops rates: 900.00x
Base/Job Lv: 500/200
Pre-renewal: Yes
Max stats: 500
None cast dex: 300
Max aspd: 195 (can go higher with the help of a mvp card bonus effect)
Extra skills: Transcendent classes and Gunslinger class got extra skills.

Features in-game
1. MVP Goal system: This npc sets a goal for all MVP monsters in-game, reached that goal for a specific boss monster and you have a chance to but its card.
2. Boss Keeper: Here you can register and get a chance to kill the available monster.
3. Class Tournament: This npc will test who among the best for each class. (once a week only)
4. Most Active Player (MAP): It records the activity of a player. some examples are finishing a quest, monster hunting, doing events etc...

1. You need to kill monsters to level up and change classes, but we have a job changer npc.
2. We have freebies, but don't expect a lot of items.
3. Download links are not available atm. please join our discord channel for updates and links will be available there. Links are now available at the website!
4. We dont have @warp command and @skillall

I will personally update this thread soon as possible.

discord channel: https://discord.gg/fqzcpWs
website: https://playwicked.online/?module=main
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