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Author Topic: Siege of Valhalla! The Ultimate RO Endgame Server (Launch: April 20th 2018)  (Read 1084 times)

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Offline misterj

Launch: April 20, 2018
Facebook: http://fb.me/siegeofvalhalla
Web: https://sov-game.com/
Discord: https://discord.gg/7DX8ZDd
Forums: https://sov-game.com/forum/
Rates: automatic max level, Cards 500x, 50x bosses, 25x MVP cards (MVPs expire 1 month after slotting)
Server Location: Undecided, likely East Coast USA
Servers: There are 2 servers, 1 Renewal, 1 Pre-Renewal.
Guild Cap: 24 Trans, 36 Pretrans, 24 on the Renewal Server. PVM guilds can have over 100 members!

Vintage (Classic) info here
Modern (RE) info here

The focus is on MVPing, BGing, and WoE. Most servers that attempt that have a fatal flaw, where after 1 day, you have nothing left to do. We have that fixed!

The goal for Pre-RE is to give players the fun content from Renewal, without new jobs. The classic experience has been done by all of us for years. Now, there are new MVPs, instances, and (massively nerfed) items to gather. Now, we haven't completed the entire game in 1 day, and can continue to progress.

The goal for Renewal is to give players the fun content of Renewal, but without requiring months of work to catch up, thanks to the tool dealer and instant leveling.

All gear prior to episode 13.3 are available for cheap from NPCs, cards for BG Badges and gears for Kafra Points.
Zeny has been removed in favor of Kafra Points, tying income to Quests, MVPing (more on that later) and BGing. All trading and Vending is directly using Kafra Points. NPCs that required zeny before had the requirements removed. There should never be a reason for people to have to farm Geffenia or Iaras and so on. The most profitable way to play should be from playing with others.

Kafra Points can be farmed by MVPs (granting an amount roughly equal to their basic EXP), so that even killing weak MVPs like Eddga are worth it! Better MVPs grant more KP to make those worth killing as well.

Each round of BG grants about 100 base KP, but it scales up based on the duration of BG and how many members are participating.

The Tool Dealer grants all consumables and catalysts required so that users are free to bomb through (literally, in some cases) BG, any Instances and MVPs.

Pre-register before April 20 to receive a Costume Adventurer's Backpack, 500 Battle Badges, 30 Victory Points, and 1024 Kafra Points! So cool!