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Ragnafied Community
« on: Jan 30, 2017, 12:30 PM »
Ragnafied Community Server

A server created for those who just want to go all-out PK/WoE.
It's a Super high-rate trans server only.
It has 100% drop rate except MVP Cards.
This is for old fanatics of Ragnarok Players that don't have luxury of time to grind. (Work Related)

We promote easy to level since you're just clicks away to max level!
1 kill - 1 drop - 1 card
Only the upgrades are old system.

General Server Information:
Player-Kill Oriented Server
100% Drop Rate
Guaranteed 5 to 10 minutes MAX Level
No Freebies! Why? 100% drop rate!
No Imbalance Items!
No Wings! (You don't fly even if you have it)
It's trans server 99/70
ASPD lock at 190
Kiel based Skill Delay

Still want some more?
Try our server!  /heh /heh /heh

Player Commands:
@go, @warp, @etc or basic commands

Lots of NPC! If you know what I mean! Really lots like Kafra and Guides!

Please don't hurt us!  /wah /sob /sob Rok On!
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