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Freedom Ragnarok Online
« on: Oct 10, 2013, 03:13 pm »

Are you ready to start your history with us?
Join us through our freedom journey and be part of our growing population.Get exciting freebies and join our events to gain more items.Take advantage of quest that we prepare only for you

• Expert Mercenary system
• Expert Pet System
• Modified Battleground System[High-rate] • Intense Quest+iRO
• Graveyard System
• Achievement System
• Regional System
• Faction System
• House for Rent System
• Game Rooms / Mini Aeria Games
• Hunting System. Where you receive a list of mobs to kill [Quest]
• Cash Shop system, to inspire Donators.

Server Rates:
• 255/120 Trans Class Only
• 10k/10k/10%/Modified Drops
• Max Stats: 300
• 24/7 Uptime
• Active GM Staffs
• Custom NPC, Items, Mobs, Maps, etc.
• Costume Items
• Daily Automatic Events and Manual Events
• Balance Donations
• No Imbalance Items

GM Hosted / Automated Events:
GMs host events regularly for our players!
Much More For Automated Events.

• Heartattack
• Monster Hunt
• Eye of the Storm
• [Weekend]Battleground Capture the Flag
• [Weekend]Battleground TeamDeathMatch
• [Weekend]Tierra Boosnia (Alterac Valley Style).
• [Weekend]Stone Control (Multiple Capture the Flag)
• [Weekend]Tierra Tiple Infierno (Triple TeamDeathMatch)
• [Weekend]Conquest [[ HIGHLIGHT ]]
• [Weekend]BG Supply Items + Replica[Weapons[Fixed].
• Duel Arena 1 vs 1 with global announces, using the KvM system.
• Last Man Standing [Automated/Manual]
• Guid vs Guild [ Manual - Expert Ranking ]
• Poring Race
• Race Event
• Champ vs Champ [ COTM/COTY]
• PoringPunchEvent [ 3 Winners ]
• Dragon Warrior
• Dodgeball
• Poring Race
• RFYL [Run for your life ]
• TOF [True or False ]
• Lucky Box
• Race of Warlords [ Time Attack ]

Monthly Events:
• GOTM [official] - War Helm Holder
-Where the strongest guild will have thier customized headgears for a month.[To encourage Guildpacks]

• War Leaders [7vs7] - War Helm Holder.
-One of our most highlighted events. a team vs team PK event with global announces, War leader[7] of the month will hold cuztomized headgear.

• No.1 PK - No.1PK Helm Holder
-Strongest and famous player of the month.customized headger holder for a month

We have the assurance of 100% Solid,Stable and balanced economy.We perform weekly backups so you won't have to worry about your progress especially to all donators.


Freedom Ragnarok Trailer #1:
Freedom Ragnarok Online Teaser

Freedom Ragnarok Forum:

Just register in our website.

Download our Lite Client :

Facebook Page:

Like our page and invite more players.

We want you to experience the fun and excitement in our server.

Once you're in-game. Approach any GMs online and ask for help

Instant level-up available.
Freebies available.
Cards can be purchase thru npc using your zeny

See you all in-game ♥
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