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Author Topic: AnxietyRO ~ 75k/75k/10k | Max lvl: 1000/250  (Read 1958 times)

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AnxietyRO ~ 75k/75k/10k | Max lvl: 1000/250
« on: Aug 06, 2012, 10:05 am »
NOTE: Free donation bankai set for the first 20+ players that register today.

The AnxietyRO Team strives to bring you a balanced, stable and more fun server
that you can call home. We take work seriously and your gameplay value is of the most
importance to us. Join us now, and help us build population and bring fun to our server!

1. Server features:

Rates: 75000x/75000x/10000x
MvP Drop : 15%

Max Level : 1000/250
Max Stats : 1000

1.1. Donator account features

You must purchase your donator account in-game by talking to our donator NPC to get these features:

100%extra experience Bonus when killing mobs.(100% means 2x the original experiences.)
100% drop boost for donator account users.(100% means 2x the original experiences.)

1.2. PvP mode features
PVP mode uses the GvG Reductions.
50% bonus experience rates for players in PVP mode.
Only players that have @pvpmode on are able to fight each other.
block the usage of @go and @warp if the player is using @pvpmode.
60 seconds wait from the last damage taken, to disable @pvpmode.
10 seconds wait time for activate @pvpmode again when you stop using it (by command or being killed)

2. Others features

Max cart weight : 50000
10% tax taken from users on vending and autotrade.
1m zeny required to do a @changegm (Change Guild Leader)

2. 1. Death penalty

50% Base exp. penalty rate
50% Job exp. penalty rate
When a player dies, 1% zeny is being penalize

2.2. In-game NPCs:

    PvP system
    PvP Reward system
    PvP Ranking system
    Mall shop - but only limited items, no imbalanced items sold there.
    Style NPC - allows you to change up to 27 hairstyles and 553 palletes, including 3rd jobs.
    Vote Point NPC - We don't take this seriously because of proxy users, so voting rewards might vary.
    Donation redemption NPC - Claim your donation rewards here.
    Broadcaster NPC - You can either use this npc to broadcast or buy a microphone and broadcast any where you want!
    Heal NPC - only heal SP & HP (buff scrolls sold separately.)
    WoE reward system - gives the guild leader an amount of items after WoE is over.
    Functioning WoE npc that tells you WoE time.
    Event exchanger NPC - where you trade your event token into kRO headgears, etc.
    Item Management NPC - Item Repairer, Card Remover, Item Identifier, Material Seller.
    MvP Disguiser - Allows you to select which MvP you want to disguised to. It cost vote points to disguise.
    Coin Manager - Allows you to exchange zeny to coins or coins to zeny as your liking.
    Dynamic Quest NPC - Shows you a list of items name/picture that you can make, it allows you to preview the item.
    Costume Maker - Convert your headgears into a costume headgear.
    Equipment echanter - Information can be found when talking to the NPC.
    Multiple NPC - Rental services, platinum skills, change sex, etc.
    MvP Room - Information can be found when you talk to the NPC in-game.
    Chronos Girl - Allows you to change into any class as your liking for starting. Free equipments picking of your choosing.
    And many more...!!
Note: More features about in-game NPCs are located at @go 0

3. Server security and hosting information

3.1. Server hosting

RO-1024 DDOS Protected Package

    6 CPU Cores (3.5Ghz per core, 3.9Ghz turbo) - Intel e3-1270 v2 Ivy-Bridge
    30GB Hard Drive, 10k RPM Hardware RAID10 w/ 32GB MLC SSD Cache
    1024MB DDR3 Dual Channel RAM
    1Gbit Port w/ 500GB Premium Bandwidth
    DDOS Protected Network w/ On-Call Filter

3.2. Web Hosting

Unlimited Disk Space
Unlimited Bandwidth

3.3. Harmony Shield Enabled

3.3.1. Multi-layered Security
Harmony utilizes multiple sophisticated security layers to provide maximum protection against packet editors and other unauthorized tools. Heuristic detection, cheat signatures and many other algorithms makes cheating pretty much impossible.
Network Packet Encryption

Harmony obfuscates and encrypts the Ragnarok network traffic, preventing packet sniffers from exposing valuable information. Furthermore, it prevents bots and other third party tools from connecting to Harmony equipped servers.

3.3.2. GRF Encryption
Harmony allows server administrators to protect their valuable files from being stolen. The Harmony GRF encryption is highly compatible with patch clients and utilizes strong encryption algorithms.
GRF Integrity

In the past players often replaced specific Ragnarok files to bypass game restrictions like skill delays. Harmony maintains lists of secure files, which are validated against a checksum list. It is impossible to play on Harmony equipped servers using altered GRF files.

3.3.3. Speed Hack detection
Speed Hacks allow cheaters to speed up the system clock to bypass client-side delays. Harmony efficiently detects and blocks such hacks.
Hardware ID ban

Successfully banning intrusive players can be hard. Using Harmony, server administrators are able to block specific hardware setups, rendering dynamic IPs and proxy servers ineffective.

3.3.4. Code Obfuscation
Many security solutions are vulnerable to reverse engineering, allowing attackers to study the code and analyze the code. Harmony utilizes strong code obfuscation, thus preventing such attacks.

4. Commands:


So what are you waiting for? come join us today!!  /no1
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