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Author Topic: [WOERO] - Instant Battle Server 99/70 [pre-re]  (Read 853 times)

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[WOERO] - Instant Battle Server 99/70 [pre-re]
« on: Dec 16, 2013, 12:45 pm »
Server Link: http://woe-ro.net/

  • 99/70 pre-renewal Instant Battle Server
  • Instant Level & equipment & features from NPC by one click
  • Big International Community, very colorful WoE every sunday
  • A lot of different features & commands & detailed stats for WoE, PvP And Battlegrounds 2.0

[Detailed Information]
First of all i want show you few videos from WoERO by their owners:
(click to show/hide)

Woe-ro 14.04.2013

Pietro▐ Guild Pi♠ue▐ 13.10.2k13

[ Solving ] 13.11.2013 by KaiX

Woe-ro 7.08.13

[aleeh] anonymous @woeRO 11/08/2k13

War of Emperium: zlkz [ djv ] dejavu - woeRO 24/03/2k13

You can view many other videos there: http://forum.woe-ro.net/index.php?/forum/9-woe-video-records/

Our server opened at 28 March 2012 Year. We work more than 1.6 year, and do not planing to stop & close server.
Our server without donate, without MvP cards, without lags with stable game client and protected at server-side against NDL.
Why people choosing us?

Detailed list of our features:
[Guild Locations]

NPC On the guild locations are the same like in main town.
Guild location need for any guild to get a private space for own private guild life/build testings/talking etc.
Guild Leaders can turn on\off pvp on their own location.
Each WoE guild can get this and have fun. All what you need to do: contact to Administrator in game.

Access to WoE castle can get only registered for WoE guilds. No Randoms at castle!
But some people want to watch how WoE going, and maby someone want to make videos, that why added extra feature to the WOERO server called Spectators. They can jump inside the castle with custom command @sj to find a currect interesting battle and record it if they want. /gg

[Restock Feature]
Tired to rebuy again and again your items inside your inventory? Make your full item build and save it! And you can always restock it at any time in full value by only one command (@restock); It's very helpful when your pots going to off and you must die because have no items, restock will help you. (anyway most of our usable potions are low weight)

[Helpful commands]
  • @noeffect - removing visual effects for players to increase their FPS inside the game
  • @packetfilter - removing extra visual effects
  • @autorefresh - if you get position lags, this command helping you
  • @spb/@showpartybuffs - You can show your currect party members bufs inside party-list window
  • @hold - stop moving! Stay and fight!
  • @noask/etc default command - to make easy life inside Game

[WoE Details]
Current host at USA with great latency between Europe & South America & Asia
Server & Client side protection against Nodelay and other hardcore software, you never seen at us something like this:
mao and xro protection

Guild Capacity (depends): 26-36+[2-4];

[PVP PART & Others]
Only our PVP part have a littlebit changed mechanic. Reason of that changes - all equipment aviable.
at WoE day pvp mechanics going to the default.
MvP Arena + Ranks
Battlegrounds 2.0 (conquest/etc);
Endless Tower

Join to us and have FUN!