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Author Topic: Hunter Quest Please update  (Read 2556 times)

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Offline Kimoy

Hunter Quest Please update
« on: Dec 20, 2007, 11:39 AM »
guide in RMS are really good...i want to help it update...

this is for official server not yet tried in private but still an update...
regrading the hunter quest the part wherein you need to kill 4 monsters...
it says in the guide "Job Change Monster" but in the test you will required to kill "Monster for a Jobchange" and you mustn't kill 4 of a kind. it must be 1 of a kind.

1 Poring w/ a name "Monster for a Jobchange"
1 Zombie w/ a name "Monster for a Jobchange"
1 Mummy w/ a name "Monster for a Jobchange"
1 Skel Archer w/ a name "Monster for a Jobchange"

suggestion: when moving, make a straight line avoid diagonal that's for the trap...
when attacking monsters snipe them don't tank them, and don't worry if they are blocking you way just run a bit and wait for few seconds and they will vanish..

note: read (monster's name) carefully 1 wrong move and you'll be frustrated...

this is for official...don't flame me if this doesn't work for your server...i'm just trying to help...tnx and God Bless to RMS...

feel free to comment