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Title: add donation item mark in the search
Post by: laecertus on Oct 13, 2006, 11:58 AM
well yeah there are tons of us who dont like those things so addding a ''donation item ) X to the other s info like rates and stat reset
would be GOOD thx for consideration :p
huh now that i think about it it would be dificult for all old servers but why not for the new server that will registter
Title: Re: add donation item mark in the search
Post by: yC on Oct 14, 2006, 11:43 AM
it was discussed before:

heh, i know ppl like me who wouldn't donate a cent to any RO servers would love to have that option, but come to think of it, i think 90% of the servers out there has a donation system to support the cost of the server.  It's not wrong, it really depend on how "mad" the system is.  So i would just let the user of RMS explore the extend of the "donation item" in the server's site.  It is hard to tell how bad it is by checking a box.  Being in my position, I have to also think for the advertisers =/. 

Server Owner point of view: If checking a donation system check box will make player less likely to enter my server's main site, i wouldn't check it.

RMS point of view:  They can always lie about the features anyway.

Bisically, i think "donation item" or "donation command" or "donation stats" can't be a yes or no question.  Some ppl think "donation item" as +10 whatever godly items, or mvp cards.  Some ppl think they could be something custom that look fancy but give no more power than usual.  There is a different right?  it's not good to just jam it into a yes or no imho...

So yea ... i am sorry, i guess to find out if the server has an acceptable donation system to you, it's up to you to find out.