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Author Topic: Seeking a High Rate server  (Read 618 times)

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Seeking a High Rate server
« on: Jan 29, 2015, 02:27 AM »
Been looking for a new server, but I've been having troubles, so here I am!

2500 - 5000 base/job rates (Nothing less than 2.5k, or higher than 5k)
Max base/job: 255/120 (Less is fine, just more than base lvl 90)
All MVPs and MVP cards (Meaning if you have the Thanatos Tower, there needs to be the MVP with him being able to drop his card)
War of Emperium (Must have more than one castle, and preferably multiple castles in each of their respective maps)
English speaking community (Mainly english speaking. I absolutely HATE when people say it's mainly english, but only a few people speak english)
Questable donation items (If your server has donation items, i'll only join if I can quest for them. And ACTUALLY quest, so no 1bil+/- zeny in addition to 1000 highly rare items for a worthless set of elf ears)
@go/warp commands (Because I hate having to walk across a planet over and over.)
Little to no guild restrictions (I can see why some people try to prevent it, but I feel like limiting guilds on how many member they can have, or whether or not they can have allies really takes away from the WoE experience.)
Events (Automated or not, they help improve the RO experience. ...Except for the Disguise event. People cheat with that one)

Things I despise:

Clone-filled vending areas (Meaning lines of Vendor 1, Vendor 2, vendor 3, etc. They take the opportunity of vending away from other players by spamming the market in the worst way)
Impossible Gold rooms (I personally don't much care for gold rooms. But if you do have one, and the weakest monster within requires a full guild to kill, then you've lost me)
Custom Currency (Zeny is the currency of the RO world. But you make a custom form of currency, then you devalue Zeny, which makes vendors not sell for zeny, which makes it unfair for people that can't get said custom currency)
3rd job skins (I don't care for 3rd jobs, and wouldn't mind them as they are, but I don't like it when there's 3rd job skins yet no 3rd job skills.)
Removed MvPs/Cards (One of my great joys is MvP hunting, whether alone or with friends. But it pisses me off when you have a dungeon, but remove the MvPs! Even worse is when you have the MvP, but remove its card, and thus the point of hunting the MvP!)
Donate for Cards (Like HELL am I gonna spend money for a GTB card!)

Things I'd like to see but can go without:

The Ragnarok Online Story quests
Instance Dungeons (Endless Tower, etc.)
Misc. quests (The various quests that add to the world of RO, like the Rachael Sanctuary festival/entrance quest with Nema)

That's pretty much it. Thanks for your time if you read all that.
Also, don't tell me your server GMs are bias/corruption free. It's so easy to say that, and so hard to prove it that saying it bothers me.
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