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Author Topic: Low or Midrate Pre- Ren. Server, (perfect stats: 15x-15x-10x)  (Read 1075 times)

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Offline Catelynn

Hey, we are a couple of friends and searching for a nice low rate / midrate server with these stats:

-min. drop rate: 10x
-max. drop rate: 20x
-min. exp/job.: 10x
-max: exp/job.:35x
-Pre- Ren. (99/70)
-no OP items "pay to win donation stuff"
-we're speaking english, german and spanish - so european or US server appreciated but not necessary if the server is lagfree
-activ woe

- Rachel Sanq. Quest open, Moscovia Quest appreciated
- Dungeon Warper appreciated



Offline OriginRo

Re: Low or Midrate Pre- Ren. Server, (perfect stats: 15x-15x-10x)
« Reply #1 on: Aug 22, 2017, 11:38 AM »
Hey there,
Let Me offer you guys OriginRo Server
We'll Open our doors on the 21.9.17

here are some details:
Floating Rates 5/5/5~12/12/5
Field Manual & Bubble Gum are obtainable through our Voting System (gets you to 18/18/10 rates)
25% Exp Bonus per player on an even share party
Episode 11.3 - Thor Dungen, Cursed Abby
Woe Active - WoE 1.0
no OP Dontaion
And More Stuff :)

Check our Website for more details

Good Luck!

Offline Daifuku.

Re: Low or Midrate Pre- Ren. Server, (perfect stats: 15x-15x-10x)
« Reply #2 on: Sep 03, 2017, 02:57 PM »
Hola, hallo and hello!
I'm currently working on a pre-re MR with 30/30/10 floating rates and 99/70 as Max level. Me and my Team his announced today that we're working on something so it will still take a while. We support all three languages, our main server will be in Canada but we'll also provide proxies for our European and asian players. It worked in the past without any issues and our EU players were able to play lag free with the proxies we provided.

If you're interested don't hesitate to join our discord and grab some more information: https://discord.me/ragnaclan