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Author Topic: Low lag/latency server with decent English speaking population (North America)  (Read 979 times)

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Offline lainAI


-No lag. Not from ping or because bad hosting. I live on the East Coast in the US.

-English speaking population of some type. I'd like to be able to socialize with some people, or even just sit and watch the chat.

-Not a ghost town during the daytime in America.

Servers I used to really enjoy include, RebirthRO, EssenceRO, OblivionRO.

Most everything else doesn't matter anymore.

At this point my standards are low enough that if I can just PLAY the game properly I'd be really happy. I've already played NovaRO for a long time and I'm not interested in it, or TalonRO atm. Nor DreamerRO. All other servers are welcome suggestions.


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LeikaRO, Shining Moon RO
how many words do i need in my post?

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Offline Cajuzzinho

If you're into pre-renewal low rate, we will be opening a server hosted in US-East this Saturday (march 16)
You can ping our website to check latency:

Server has a custom cards system, beyond that it is pretty much vanilla.

If you're interested, please join our Discord channel (link in website)

Offline Zonra

I'd like to invite you to join us at AnomalyRO.

I've been with this server for several months and have never experienced lag. There are occasionally downtimes, but those are generally for maintenance purposes, and our Admin is very good about letting us know ahead of time when this is going to occur.

English is the main language, although I occasionally see tagalog or portuguese conversations occurring on the side. One of the rules is that English must be the language used in @main chat, and a lot of our player base is bilingual as well as a few of our staff members. (Just sitting and watching chat happens to be one of my favorite things to do on my GM character; our community is so fun to watch and interact with!)

Other than that, you'll find that we're a SHR server with a lot of fun activities to offer such as:
- Hourly Events
- HUNDREDS of headgear quests
- Custom Battlegrounds matchmaking system
- Daily Contract Quests
- Gold Room
- MvP Arena
- and more!

We also have an active forum and Discord server for maximum communication channels between players and staff members.

I hope you'll come give us a try. :)
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I am GM Kirari @ Come and see us!