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Author Topic: Looking for vanilla Renewal server  (Read 890 times)

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Offline PrettyFly

Looking for vanilla Renewal server
« on: May 12, 2018, 02:56 AM »
My options for official RO servers at the moment are iRO and bRO, both of which are flooded with those jRO items that completely break the game to the next level.
I'm fine with the wings, backpacks and all the powerful items from instances, it's just 999k RCs and free instacast + 60% more damage CC hats are really f*** dull, all from cash shop too obviously.
I'm fine with people being powerful if they invest their time into getting stuff like Juliette D Rachel, but these cash shop jRO items are driving me nuts.



Offline Millefey

Re: Looking for vanilla Renewal server
« Reply #1 on: May 12, 2018, 08:38 AM »
Hello PrettyFly,

I'm sorry for your frustrations with the officials but would like to welcome you to the private sector if this is your first time.
From what I have understood from your post, are you perhaps seeking for a private take-on how an official could be like? Might you have heard of and considered NovaRO?

My personal reservations would be the kind of vanilla you seek, the rate requirements you have as well as the server size you have in mind before I would recomend ours. We have remained by and large extremely faithful to the official kRO content and continue doing so but do have a fair amount of quality-of-life improvements as well. Autoloot, easy ways to look up monster drops and locations being only some of them. We have however taken great pains to keep our Cash Shop items as balanced and accessible to all players as possible so I wouldn't doubt this being something that you would appreciate, as none of these are necessary to enjoy the game to the fullest. The more sought-after items and gears are all obtainable in-game with skill and patience. For example Shadow Gears you can get by playing our custom Monster Hunter instance.

Rate-wise ours are on the higher end of low-rate servers at 25/25/10 but only you can say if these rates are too high for you. (If they are, I warmly recommend you specify this in your post so you would be able to receive better guidance from others.) As for population, it is very international and our online count hovers at a pretty steady 2000+ around the clock. Some appreciate this level of activity, while others here on RMS are seeking for smaller and newer servers. If you too belong to the latter group, this one is unlikely to be the server for you. I do believe it would be at the very minimum a very decent choice however if you like our other attributes.

Should you be interested in knowing more, you will find all the most important links in my signature. You are also more than welcome to hop into our Discord and pose the questions you may have to our playersbase or contact me or any of our other GMs if there is anything specific we can help answer.

I would lie if I said I didn't hope to see you in NovaRO but do sincerely wish you the best of adventures on whichever server that you find the most to your liking.

All the best,

Offline PrettyFly

Re: Looking for vanilla Renewal server
« Reply #2 on: May 12, 2018, 11:55 PM »
Thank you. I shoulda specified now that you mention. Nova rates are quite high, so I'll keep the server in mind, but if anyone else has a suggestion I'll accept it.