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Author Topic: looking for mid rate server  (Read 827 times)

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Offline zac313

looking for mid rate server
« on: Aug 04, 2013, 01:15 PM »
Me and my friend is looking for a new Mid rate server

-at least 1-2 weeks old or will open soon
-no third class/renewal
-at least 50 or more players active online
-no wings
-MVP/mini boss card drop is 0.01%
-no MVP room
-no @warp


Offline GMExe

Re: looking for mid rate server
« Reply #1 on: Aug 04, 2013, 01:52 PM »
Hello, Zac

Why don't you try ExeRO. We have all the list you have except for two things the rates and the population. The server just started yesterday. Just give us a try.

Website: http://exe-ro.net/

Offline Peanut

Re: looking for mid rate server
« Reply #2 on: Aug 04, 2013, 08:26 PM »
why you won't wait for GlaukosRO
We are going online on the

our max level is 99/70 with 40x|40x|25x Rates
Card drop 0,50% and MvP card Drop 0,01%
for more Infomation
or just visit us
Homepage: http://glaukosro.com/
Forum: http://forum.glaukosro.com/

Your GlaukosRO GM Team