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Author Topic: Looking for High Rate, pre-re, 3rd jobs, please take a look in detail, thanks  (Read 530 times)

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Offline trips

Hi guys,
I'm currently on semi holiday and feeling to play RO again, but after a few weeks of searching everywhere google/fb/rms, but still unable to find a server that interest me.
I'll try to describe below, if any if you guys have any to share will be much grateful.

Server Host Location = Malaysia (I like a lag-free server)
Exp Rate = 2500-7500
Type/Class = Pre-renewal with 3rd job
MVP Card = 5-10% (Prefer all rate the same, really don't like custom rate like 10% amonra and 1% for lk card)
Level/Stats = Base 255-265, Job 70-120, Stats 150-200, ASPD 193-197
Population Range = No more than few month (Prefer newer server)
Main language = English as main (Dislike unknown language spamming up everytime I visit the main area)

I'm a willing to spend player like for those cool and good looking gear.
I enjoy story/quest/mvp/hunting so newer eps is better if possible, and I don't care about woe/pvp.
Any customs is good as long as not OP/unbalance.
I prefer custom item like more type of choice but not more choice of color (A same wing with 10 different color, pretty lame).
Most importantly, hopefully the GM is some mature guy, fairness and responsibly.

I been trying a few server this few week, and all of them are not even close to nice/worth to play.
If you have meet any server close to this, please do let me know.
Thanks for checking in.
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