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Author Topic: Looking for beginner friendly mid rate renewal server  (Read 788 times)

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Offline Chloe the Great

I wanna give renewal a try. Never played any renewal server before.
Hoping to find a mid-rate renewal server which is newbie friendly.
Been researching on renewal but still a little confuse over some of the mechanics

Things i am looking at.
1) rates from 30x-50x b.exp/j.exp drop rates not too high, somewhere around 20x-30x
2) active players instead of afk vendors
3) time zone ard GMT +8 most preferable.
4) No OP donations. some headgears is ok. best is just consumables and costumes
5) No OP custom items. as close to official as possible (in terms of items cos im really new to renewal)
6) Friendly community of cos. too much trash talkers is bad for health =D
7) Must have NPCs - warper (those that i do not need to unlock at certain dungeon lvl), Healer (free? =D), Resetter (not to ex), Stylist with workable color pallets (impt...), Job Changer, Universal Rental NPC, Platinum Skill NPC
8) Multi Client, best is allow to 2 only
9) A new server is a bonus

That is all i can think of for now. Please lemme know so i can download and try starting tonight =D   

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Offline ToiletMaster

Re: Looking for beginner friendly mid rate renewal server
« Reply #1 on: Oct 17, 2017, 04:09 AM »
Hi Chloe!

I saw your post and believe that possibly having a server in Asia would be ideal since you're on GMT+8 timezone? If yes, then that's great news as our server is located in Singapore.

If yes, then do check us out, a brief summary would be that we are a renewal server, we launched from 9th september so we are a little over a month old.

We don't really have much autovenders on the server though we have a few people that multi-clients. Our rates are however 25x at the moment though it can go up to 40x if people were to donate their zeny to the npc and the entire server benefits from it!  most of our are online during night time as most of us are still working during the day.

We don't have any donations for the first 2 months of launching to let people know that we are not another cash grab server. we relatively would like to everyone to have a great time. All other utility npcs are present and as an added bonus, if you're a fan of stalkers, we even have a NPC that allows you to directly copy skills from the npc rather than finding another player to copy the skills from.

If you're interested feel free to check out website below. Cheers!


Additionally if you do have discord, feel free to check us out below as well! Most players prefer the discord rather than the use of the forum currently since it's quite easy to reach out to anyone directly.



Offline Chloe the Great

Re: Looking for beginner friendly mid rate renewal server
« Reply #2 on: Oct 17, 2017, 04:20 AM »
Thanks for the intro! im from singapore so i think its great. registered an account and will try it tonight! cheers!