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Author Topic: Looking for a Midrate server with tons of custom gear quests and not p2w  (Read 1671 times)

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Offline YoungMaster


I'm a solo player looking for a new midrate server

Max base level around 175 - 255
Job level 70 - 100
Pre-renewal (Trans)
Tons of Custom quests for gears, skills or w/e to keep me busy and to keep my interest in the server
Active GM Staff and Events
No OP Jobs and Items
Prefer easier level grinds but harder gear grinds / quests
@warp for level 1 dungeons only, also @storage and @go commands available

Prefer relatively new servers so I would be able to catch up with the older players

I know the chances of finding a server with the same precise features is slim to none, I'm just giving these as basis. Servers that come close are also acceptable
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Offline Masao

Hi YoungMaster


We're a pre-renewal 255/75 high rate server which has opened only 3 months ago.

We currently have not so much of a big community, so catching up should be no problem for you.

Our server should be able to offer everything you're looking for, we have many different custom headgears and quests for many of them. Leveling is easy and quick since we're more in the high rates instead of mid rates if that's not to big of a problem for you.

We hope to see you soon!


Offline Syphon


We have server with many many many custom items mobs instances quests
Please check this page http://wiki.ragnarevival.com/wiki/RevivalRO_Customs

This is our Ragnarok server information!

Server Website:

Basic Information
Base Exp: 100x
Job Exp: 100x
Drop Rate: 20x
Quest Exp:
Max Base Lvl: 255   
Max Job Lvl: 120   
Max Stats: 255   
196 Server Mode:

How to Register?
Languages Supported: We support all languages

Here you can find all information about us https://wiki.ragnarevival.com/

We launched 15 january 300 to 500 players online

Hopefully this is something your looking for!

Hello I am the owner of http://ragnarevival.com

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Woof, woof! YoungMaster, we'd love for you to check out CorgiRO - we're a 50x Prenewal, with a level 150 cap.

In terms of custom content, we have a lot! We have a Multi-Classing system that allows you to train every class on the same character, and switch between them using an NPC, which provides a very long progression ladder. We also have a custom Mystic Gems system - items that provide passive stats when kept in your inventory (similar to Diablo 2 charms).

We also just released a new, custom Zone based on our Corgi lore!

Here's our RMS introduction. I'd be happy to walk through specifics with you.

Some additional information about CorgiRO - feel free to drop me a PM or swing by our Discord if you have any questions!

Join CorgiRO! A fresh server with Multi-Classing + Daily Quests!
Our RMS Introduction!
Watch Our Video! (ft. LilyPichu)
Visit: Our Website | Forum | Facebook | Discord

Offline PokemonRO

Hey YoungMaster,

Come try out PokemonRO. Our grand opening launch is April 22.

We are a 100x/100x/10x with a 255 Level cap. Floating rates up to 150x, and hourly point system with battle manuals to help your level up experience as well as EXP seeds, which are accumulated through killing monsters and spending it at our Monster Gachapon machine.

We are fully customized to fit the Pokemon story line, giving you the added adventure of fighting all gym leaders, elite 4, and Legendary Pokemon. In addition, we have added up to 14.2 Eclage in episode so that you can pursue the traditional iRO quests as well. With our A~Z headgear quests, you can have any hat you want as well as our premium disguise token, which allows you to change your headgear to any custom content that we have.

Come check us out, our project has been in the work for years, we won't disappoint you.

Our RMS server advertisement for more info can be found here: http://forum.ratemyserver.net/mid-rates/pokemon-ragnarok-online-33923/

Offline Yasi

Why is the forum linked to sereitaRO?
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Offline aerolite

You can try our server as well. Try Mayaan, it is 255/80 with active players. We are old server, and we have tons of quests in game. Gms and players are very active! come and join us in discord  /heh

I'm the admin here, and I personally give freebies to new comers in game. Our focused is to help newbies to get stronger asap. PM me here with your ING and i'll help you out  /no1 /no1 /no1

Our site is https://aerogaming.org.

AeRO Gaming