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Offline shaniele

Looking for
« on: Dec 27, 2018, 09:22 AM »
Hello, i'm currently looking for a server preferably HR to SHR servers. I also prefer a server with a decent amount of customization like custom weapons for each job being available. Not a pay to win server please. As much as possible, donation is balanced or not overpowered. It'd be much better if donation was not allowed or only for costumes or something like aesthetics. I'm more of a grind/farmer player and I go solo most of the time unless I meet new friends in the server I am playing (hoping for a good amount of population + friendly community) so quests should also be extensive or like if donation was available, those who don't pay to play can like quest them. Items in donation are allowed to be quested something like that.

About PvP, WoE and the like, classes must be balanced and not one is overpowering the other something like that. Every job must have an equal chance to battle (even High Priests, something like that) If you guys suggest an SHR server, I prefer the PvP environment to be an resist-based PvP grounds like for example, no pots allowed but you have to figure out what resists and element your opponent is using on you and then you switch gears according to what element he/she is using. Sorry for being vague :( But the usual PvP type is good for me, that was just my suggestion if you guys post an SHR server. I'm also hoping that WoE is allowed.


Offline Blinzer

Re: Looking for
« Reply #1 on: Dec 27, 2018, 08:44 PM »
you won't find high rate servers that fit those requirements.

Offline expletive773

Re: Looking for
« Reply #2 on: Dec 30, 2018, 06:24 AM »
Well this server's currently dead since I refuse to spend any money on it (which also means there will be no requirement for any donations like, ever) so if you can find some friends, this server may achieve about 70% of what you need.

1. It's HR.
2. No custom weapons, I'm kinda trying to keep it vanilla kRO.
3. Absolutely no Donations, Costumes are all priced at 1z on an NPC.
4. Instance items are all on NPC's cheaply priced, so all you need to do is grind money but we do have high rates (one of my players ground like 90m in about an hour on abyss_03).
5. It's dead cause no advertisement and my refusal to spend any money on it, with only a few people coming back and forth (and they're all casual which kinda annoys me).
6. The idea of resists on PvP is limited to Ghostring/GTB Switching and etc, all restoratives are also grouped in a one cooldown group which we tested to be sensibile.
7. There is only one WoE castle open due to the zero-to-nothing population, but it rewards every member with a certain Gift Box that gives unique items.

I'm sorry, I'm just bored. I need friends.  /sob

EDIT: Forgot the stupid link, well if you were ever interested.  /heh
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Offline Heydar

Re: Looking for
« Reply #3 on: Jan 19, 2019, 07:36 PM »
Hello shaniele,

RagniteRo it's a High rates server 3k/3k/6k with Pre-Renewal mechanics, Transendental Jobs (2nd Class) + Expanded Jobs and Max Level: 255/120 that meets the requirements you are looking for.

      Gravity Weapons by Quest
     Add up to 3 Slots to weapons, defensive weapons are limited to [1] Slot.
     Example: Survivor's Rod [3], Infiltrator [2], Combat Knife [1], Pole Axe [3], Long Mace [1], etc.

    Costume boxes by Donation (Visual only).
    Includes Costume 3rd Job Suits (Visual only) by a low chance.

    Balance: Job Classes
   Trans. and Expanded Jobs have been balanced to have equal opportunities during WoE/PvP/BG.
   Link: https://forum.ragnitero.com/index.php?threads/balance-changes-skills.6/

    Patch Notes
   Ragnite Ro preserves the Pre-Renewal features and enhance them balancing the items, enemies and instances of Pre-Renewal & Renewal systems.