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Author Topic: LF > mid / high NEW server and crowd WOE  (Read 581 times)

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Offline cadhong123

LF > mid / high NEW server and crowd WOE
« on: Aug 06, 2017, 02:19 PM »
Looking mid or high server, NEW server be better, actually looking 3rd job, but 2nd job it's okay  /no1
have a lot of events, WOE, also crowded and friendly  /heh
have a lot of variant customes like wing etc.
Quest or anything that's okay.
Thanks! hope you guys reply me fast, I need to play again and gonna be play more harder xD.


Offline infiniteragnarok

Re: LF > mid / high NEW server and crowd WOE
« Reply #1 on: Aug 08, 2017, 03:05 AM »
 /ok /ok /ok /kis /lv /no1 /no1 /no1 /no1 /no1 /no1 /no1 /no1 /no1 /no1 /no1 /no1

Hello Cadhong123!
I think we match!  /lv

Its Mid Rate, Fresh server just 2 weeks launched, 3rd job.
Amazing upcoming Wings and costumes, and some diversities like @mutant, @evolve < Those are our original creation by us developers.
WOE still not yet since we're still really fresh and everyone still building their equipment!

Anyway, Here! Take a good read ^_^ I hope it suits you!

Warmest welcome to INFRO!

First of all, thank you for checking out!
We wanna let you know that Infinite Ragnarok (INFRO) is a brand new server coming from the developer of Excellence Ragnarok & Diverse Ragnarok.

Lets imagine for a second. Wow. Unbelieveable. Double the excitement, triple the fun stuffs, and what we can do together is truly infinite!

"Excellence Lies Within Diversity"
The words above is our foundation. We believe we can achieve that through one simple thing which is providing you with a good heart.

Our vision for years forward is to create a reliable basket; a room for us to put our heart through Private Infinite Ragnarok Community.

Putting a heart does not come quite simple. We will need to make a great positive environment, an enjoyable place to connect people even beyond than just a game.

That is and will always be our mission. We are building a solid growing community that is worth to trust, help each other, and be better people together.

So if you are looking for fun, stress relief, make friends, this is the perfect place for you not to just play, but to stay.

Base Server: Rathena
Max Level: 175/60
Max Stats: 130
Attack Speed: 193
Rate: 25x/25x/5x
1 PLAYER = EXTRA 1% RATE FOR exp, job, and drop %

Job: Latest job + Doram Summoner Class!
Update: Renewal Server with custom modifications
MVP & Mini-Boss Card: 0,01%
Normal Card: 1%
Gameguard: Gepard Shield Protection & Double Encrypted Client Secure
Security: Anti-Bot, Anti-Macro, Anti-Hack, Anti-WPE, Anti-OpenCore, Anti-RPE, Anti-Cheat-Engine

Maintown: Customized (Change Maintown Every Episode)
Maintown BGM Track: Changing every week (Top Hitz HOT 100 song tracks in the world)
Town BGM Track: Original (Don't worry, you will still hear Prontera song. We know you dont want to miss them)
Goldly Equips: Disabled (For now)
Siege Equips: Disabled (For now)
BattleGrounds: Disabled (For now)
KVM: Disabled (For now)
Abracadabra MVP Summon: Disabled (For now)
Cat Guild Investment: Disabled (For now)
WOE: Twice a week
WOE Rewards: Customized

Website: http://www.infiniteragnarok.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/infiniteragnarokk/?fref=ts
Discord: https://discordapp.com/invite/SYhwuMS
Instagram: @infiniteragnarok

DOWNLOAD LINK: https://drive.google.com/…/0B6F3kFolmH2bU09UeU9CSHZrbkE/view

REGISTER LINK: https://my.infiniteragnarok.com/

We are the typical Ragnarok Private Server who ARE NOT afraid of evolution. Infinite Ragnarok will grow better and stronger by time and each episode will be different.
When you decide to join us, note that Infinite Ragnarok will be an extraordinary balanced and super extensive custom server and will update time-by time again.