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Author Topic: looking for "new" RO server  (Read 2296 times)

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Offline marsmith

looking for "new" RO server
« on: Feb 21, 2018, 10:14 AM »
- any rate ( low , mid or high rate)
-pre renewal or renewal will do
- release date: 2018
- farming server (custom item quest,MVP cards,gold room,costume etc...)
- pods or donate items can be obtain in game quest or farm (not a pay to win server)  /no1
- hourly automated event (dice,cluckers,poring,disguise etc...)
- hourly login points (worth staying in game)
- active GM

i really don't care about the population of the server as long as the server is farm-able to keep us/me busy.


Offline Syphon

Re: looking for "new" RO server
« Reply #1 on: Feb 21, 2018, 10:29 AM »

My server recently launched a month ago!

Right now Users Online 491 Peak 549


General Information
Rates: 100x / 100x / 20x
Maximum Level: 255 / 120
Max ASPD: 196
Max stats: 255
Pre-Renewal (no 3rd class)

Artistry and Crafting System
Cedi MVP System
MvP Arena
Eden Mall
Hello I am the owner of http://ragnarevival.com

Offline Sol Invictus

Re: looking for "new" RO server
« Reply #2 on: Feb 21, 2018, 12:17 PM »
You could try the one I'm on currently.

Ragnafied RO
500 exp/ 500 jexp / 500 drop, with mini-boss and mvp at 0.01%.
It is a Renewal server with content up to Episode 15, with some added in from 16. The dev is currently getting the rest of the E16 content stable for the server.
You can farm zenny and transfer it to cash points to buy headgears, and there are no donation exclusive items.
There are automated events to earn Cash Point cards, they also drop from all mobs at a 0.01% drop rate (in 15 minutes of continuous farming for zenny you could get up to 5, all depends on mob density of the map)
There are no hourly points, but you can earn daily rewards and loyalty points every 24 hours, and extra rewards every 12 hours.
Server population hovers around 30 to 40 depending on the time of day since a lot of people play in different time zones.

If you are brining a guild the GM also awards a pretty good guild starter pack, check it out.

Offline aerolite

Re: looking for "new" RO server
« Reply #3 on: Feb 21, 2018, 06:37 PM »
- We have low rate(500/80 Eternal renewal), mid(Mayaan 255/80 Pre renewal) and high rate servers(Turbo 999/80 Pre renewal)
- We offer both Pre-renewal and renewal.
- Our server was established in 2009, and we still have alot of new players playing
- There is MVP Room, custom quest, donators are not the king of the server, talent is.
- Hourly automated events. (Dice, LMS, Disguise Event)
- We are active. We are also open for suggestion to provide better experience for our players!

Population: 400 users from different countries world wide
Give us a try https://aerogaming.org

AeRO Gaming

Offline Cat in the Meow

Re: looking for "new" RO server
« Reply #4 on: Feb 22, 2018, 04:49 AM »

I'm GM Meow from Deepblue RO <Pre-Renewal> 30x/30x/10x. Our server is 1 month + old and there is still alot of time for you to keep up! There is a lot of free plvling services from our players so lvling is not a problem too! We do not focus on donations and in fact once you see the donation item price you will not want to donate  /heh

Cash points are easily obtained through events and farming from mobs and simply just staying online. (Will think of more ways to obtain it)
Automated events available every 3 hours. and u get 1 cash points by simply being in game for every 1 hr.
Android APK is under dev and will be ready in March or early April.
Current ongoing event is friend referral which benefit you if you have a group of frens with you.
Even if you are a solo player, we will be having a gadget event for march (we host it every month) which u can win some real prizes.

Do visit us at: www.deepbluero.com and join our discord channel for more information

Hope to see you around soon!

Offline Perry the Platypus

Re: looking for "new" RO server
« Reply #5 on: Feb 22, 2018, 07:22 AM »
Hi! You may want to check out Anomaly Ragnarok Online - we officially released on January 3, 2018 (we had open beta for a few weeks in December as well). We're a pre-renewal super high rate server, but we're trying out a new concept of blending some low rate elements into the SHR experience, so we have custom drop rates, lots of quests, and a fully customized achievements/titles system, among other features. We have tons of new content in the works too, including a large amount of quests & backstory to come!

We have automated events every 3 hours on top of regular GM events, and players receive a small amount of our event currency, Poring Coins, for every hour they're online (as well as progress towards some playtime achievements). Our GMs are online every day as well - we try to cover as many time zones as possible, to make sure every player has a chance to communicate with us in-game, as well as support being easily available via forums & support tickets on our website.

The server offers zero competitive advantage for donators - every available donation item is set up purely for cosmetics or convenience. I also have a history of running the former top SHR server (InertiaRO) for 4 years, so I have experience in maintaining a long running, stable server. If you're looking for a server that's still going to be around a few months (and a few years) from now, this is the one!

If you're interested in checking us out, please feel free to contact me on our forums if you have any questions! Hope to see you around!

Offline marsmith

Re: looking for "new" RO server
« Reply #6 on: Feb 22, 2018, 12:56 PM »
thank you so much for all your effort to reply and also gave other people idea what's the feature of your server .
this is not just for me , this kind of thread is also for those who seeking a good server like me so don't get tired to free advertise your amazing server.  /lv

keep it up guys and more power !!  /no1  /no1

Offline Nekoruchii

Re: looking for "new" RO server
« Reply #7 on: Feb 27, 2018, 07:25 AM »
Hi, I can recommend two renewal servers for you.

This one released last January 2018, CianRO is a new mid rate server but it lacks players at the moment though.. 50x rates and suits for grinding purposes.

The other one which is Shining Moon RO which was released sometime in December 2017 and its not hard to catch up with all but it has amazing features that you would like to see and what's good about this is that, its a pre-renewal and renewal server at one.

Nekoruchii // Celeenee // Lastein // Mejichuu // Zaphrine // Rine

Offline SneakyBae

Re: looking for "new" RO server
« Reply #8 on: Mar 11, 2018, 04:33 PM »
SneakyRO is an upcoming server, it has almost everything you are asking for.

Give us a try! You're not going to regret.

- any rate ( low , mid or high rate) ✓ Check. Mid rate.
-pre renewal or renewal will do ✓ Check. It's renewal.
- release date: 2018 ✓ Check. Our server is really fresh.
- farming server (custom item quest,MVP cards,gold room,costume etc...) ✓ Check.
- pods or donate items can be obtain in game quest or farm (not a pay to win server)  /no1 ✓ Check. Everything can be obtained with various in-game points.
- hourly automated event (dice,cluckers,poring,disguise etc...) ✓ CHECK.
- hourly login points (worth staying in game) ✓ Check. yass fam
- active GM ✓ Check!

Navigate below for URLs and more information.
> Website - Forum - RMS - Register - Download : Come join the best Mid Rate server!

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Re: looking for "new" RO server
« Reply #9 on: Mar 12, 2018, 03:48 AM »
Hi marsmith,

Glad to meet you - we'd love for you to check out CorgiRO (when we open later this month on March 30, 2018). Here's our RMS introduction.

Rate: Mid
System: Prenewal
Release: March 30, 2018
Farming/Custom Quests:
Donation Currency Available In-game:
Hourly automated events:
Time-based rewards:
Active GMs:

Some additional information about CorgiRO - feel free to drop me a PM or swing by our Discord if you have any questions!

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Offline Cat in the Meow

Re: looking for "new" RO server
« Reply #10 on: Mar 12, 2018, 05:48 AM »
Hi Deepblue RO i launched on 1st Jan 2018! We are mid rate 30x/30x/10x Singapore server with many attractive prizes for the many events like monthly gadget events and bimonthly handphone/cellphone event. We are not accepting donation as cash points can be obtain from 99% of the mobs in game, rewards for events and of cos WoE rewards for both winning and losing guild. Do check us out @ www.deepbluero.com and our facebook page https://www.facebook.com/dbluero/

Feel free to contact the staffs in discord and fb page!

Offline emancipate01

Re: looking for "new" RO server
« Reply #11 on: Mar 13, 2018, 06:47 AM »
Hi Marsmith!

Check out Divergent Ragnarok (Dystopia)

It's rate are at 5x-5x-2x (low-rate) trans-revo style or type. Release date is this March. It is currently in OBT Stage. We are a grind based and farming based server. We will be having custom quest, MVP Cards but without gold room. We have Costume System (Costume Maker).

We also have a bunch of automated events such as dice, cluckers, poring, keyboard warrior event, monster event and many more! Hourly points on going since its currently affecting some other scripts and yeah active GM in-game and in forum except when they're sleeping!

If interested please visit us at..

Website: https://panel.divergent-ro.net
Forum: https://board.divergent-ro.net