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Author Topic: LF>Relatively new Renewal/revo classic server (mid rates)  (Read 617 times)

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Offline Cat in the Meow

Hi, been playing on pre-renewal for a very long time and i think its time to get use to the new content.

Looking for any new/relatively new servers (SEA based)
Renewal or Revo-classic
Rates of 7x-150x
Non P2W
Friendly and helpful staffs and community/newb friendly =D
English main server
WoE enabled
At least 50players online on avg
Non custom items

Not too much to ask for i guess


Offline BlankXF

Re: LF>Relatively new Renewal/revo classic server (mid rates)
« Reply #1 on: Jun 04, 2018, 02:47 AM »
If you're still looking, I'd recommend Shining Moon RO.

a. The server is relatively new, gonna hit its first anniversary soon, although it's based in Canada instead of SEA. I'm a SEA player myself, and there are others from various SEA countries playing in the server.

b. Most players are on Renewal, but the server has a feature where you can switch between Renewal and Pre-renewal from right within the game. It's not a mandatory thing, just something you can play around with when you're looking for a change of pace.

c. You can choose your own Base EXP and Job EXP rates from 1x to 100x. A permanent drop rate bonus is given when you reach level 175/60 depending on the highest Base EXP rate you used. The lower it is, the bigger the bonus.

d. Almost everything that you can buy in the Cash Shop can be obtained is some other way in game. And for the things that can't, there are actually even better alternatives in game.

e. This you'd have to experience. So far, most of the players I've met are helpful and friendly. And the staffs are pretty active as well, although there may be a few hours each the day when no staff member is in game.

f. Only English is allowed on broadcasted channels. However, you can speak in whatever language in towns/party/guild/etc.

g. WoE is enabled, currently with 2 participating guilds. The rewards have been revamped to be attractive enough for present day Renewal instead of the old treasure chest system. WoE damage penalty was tweaked so that it's not longer a one-shot fest with modern 175/60 level cap and equipment. The tweaked damage penalty have been applied to PvP and BG as well.

h. Online players are steadily rising again since a few months back, averaging at 60-70 after excluding vendors. 100-110 if you count vendors.

i. All items in game are official items from either iRO, kRO or jRO. The only exceptions are the Stat Badges, which provides minor boosts at best.

I do recommend that you at least come check it out and decide for yourself whether it's worth it to stay. If you're interested, hop on through this referral link for some in-game bonuses and jump in the server's Discord channel as well.