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Author Topic: LF>MID RATE PRE RENEWAL  (Read 955 times)

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Offline cady

« on: Mar 14, 2018, 04:25 AM »
hi im looking for MID Rate Pre renewarl trans only

150x below
mini and MVP card disabled or not but if it is enabled it should be less than 1%
99/70 190aspd 150 ic dex
dual log  enabled
english or filipino community
Woe hours 6pm onwards +8GMT
decent population

kindly post it here thanks!


Offline Fino

« Reply #1 on: Mar 14, 2018, 07:44 AM »

Hello there Cady,
maybe you want to have a quick look into Ragnaclan?
We offer you a fine populated & balanced Midrate 99/70 / 190 ASPD Pre Renewal Server with floating rates, generally it's 50x/50x/15x floating up to 60x/60x/20x &
we have many nice gears for you to reach 150s stats.
We are an English speaking community but of course you'll find many people around the GMT+8 region hanging around.
We also have a few guilds with many tagalog speaking people and we of course allow dual login as long as you do not enter events with them.
MVP Cards droprate is 0.01%. Vending players get kicked after 48h if they did not refresh their vend. So we ensure that only active players have their merchants vending.

On the side note:
We recently added a party event (Devil Square) that makes leveling much easier and also grands you rewards when finishing it.
I added you a screenshot to show you what it looks like:
(click to show/hide)

Regarding the costumes:
We have a bunch of rotating cosmetic headgear's that you can choose from. Currently we have still our Valentines Costumes in the rotation,
but they will change any time soon. I added you two pictures of some of our current costumes we have.
(of course we have many many more)
(click to show/hide)

and before I forget about it: In case you want to bring some friends along the way, then make sure to grab a few gifts as symbol of our appreciation. /ok
> Information can be found here: Referral System

So here are some links on how to reach our server & community:

Ragnaclan's Webpage
Ragnaclan's Forum
Ragnaclan Discord
Ragnaclan Wiki
The basic server information can be found here: (Basic Information)

I hope I could catch your interest. Have a great day~   /lv

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Offline megalith

« Reply #2 on: Mar 17, 2018, 07:19 AM »
Hello cady,
We are from MegalithRO and we have almost everything you are searching for.
im looking for MID Rate Pre renewarl trans only
--> Episode: 13.2 Encounter with the Unknown (pre-renewal)
150x below
Base Rate: 150x
Drop Rate: 50x
99/70 190aspd 150 ic dex
Max Level/Job: 99/70
Max ASPD: 190
Instant Cast: 150 Dex
english or filipino community
Main Language: English (international server)
We have lots of costumes to choose

What we don't have yet is WOE schedule and decent population, because our server will be released on 31 March 2018
We are looking forward to see you, thanks  /no1