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Author Topic: LF>low to high  (Read 648 times)

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Offline cady

LF>low to high
« on: Apr 03, 2018, 12:22 AM »
Rates : low to high
Base Level = 250 or 255
Job Level = Below 120
Max Stats = 255 below
Aspd = 196 to 197
Multi Client
Pre Renewal
Trans job only
job changer not Instant
Good Freebies
Fresh or less than 3months old server
Farming/grinding/hunting Server
not OP custom items
good Gpack

We are looking for a new place to stay.
currently we have 15 players


Offline RistrettoJoe

Re: LF>low to high
« Reply #1 on: Apr 03, 2018, 03:40 AM »
Hi @cady!

There is this NEW server that just opened 3 days ago that already has a stable 80+ players, it also peaked a 100+ players on its grand launch.

I'd recommend to you, CorgiRO.
It is
• Pre-Renewal
• MidRate Server: x50 Base Exp/x50 Job Exp/ Variable Drop Rates
• 150/70 level cap. Yep, that's something unique right off the bat. 130 Maximum Stat
• Certain 3rd job skills can be quested but it is tweaked to not be overpowered for Pre-Renewal Classes
• "Multi-Classing System" where you can revert your 150/70 character back into a Novice 1/1 and start with a new class. When you revert from your 150/70 class, you'll get its emblem like Archer Emblem for Sniper/Clown, Swordsman Emblem for Lord Knight/Paladin and so on - the emblems will provide particular stats and skills.
• "Mystic Gems System". Have you played Diablo? Remember those charms/gems that will give you stats if its in your inventory? This is what its about.
• It has a lively & fun international community, that's why it has a big population just from day 1.
• The GMs are very active and quickly addresses issues of the server.
• Certainly a grinding server
• No overpowered cash shop items. The cash shop mostly consist of consumables like Field Manuals, Bubblegums; plus costumes.
• This server is CERTAINLY a NEW AND UNIQUE EXPERIENCE. Which is also why I got hooked immediately as a player

Come and join CorgiRO! If you want, you can use my referral link so We will both have rewards in game



Offline san041309

Re: LF>low to high
« Reply #2 on: Apr 03, 2018, 07:18 AM »
Hello there Cady.

I think i have most of what you want.

Try Yumi Ragnarok Online. www.yumi-ro.com

Base Level : 255
Job Level : 90
Aspd : 192 [Not on your Criteria sorry]
Multi Client
Trans Job Only
Job Changer not Instant
Good Freebies. +10 Weapons
Server is currently 13 Days Old
Quest/Hunting/Grinding Server
Not OP Custom Items
Good Gpack with Boss Cards and +7 set and 3 +10 Weapons
Well Balanced Classes.
Asura Max SP 7k
Freeze Server
Donate Equips are same with quest equips. not pay to win. just work hard farming

Special Features:
Enchant System[This is the best you will see]
Automated Reward to WOE Winners
Fast Updates