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Author Topic: looking for playable server  (Read 1181 times)

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Offline violet

looking for playable server
« on: Jun 12, 2018, 11:54 AM »
hi been years again since i played ragnarok i hope i find a new home again..

10x10x exp job
x3~x5 drop card
no dual much better
no hacks
balance in donations

i hope these info will help thank you


Offline Trojal

Re: looking for playable server
« Reply #1 on: Jun 18, 2018, 03:32 AM »
I wonder why there haven't been responses to this yet, but TitanRO (5/5/3 revo-classic) launched 3 weeks ago and seems to fit the theme.

  • Currently max 99/50 (trans 99/70 coming in several months, no plans for third jobs)
  • 5x exp, 5x job, 3x drops
  • multi client is permitted
  • Gepard shield anticheat blocks botting and cheats
  • No donations or cash shop exists or will exist on the server
  • New server: Launched May 25, 2018

We have a little over 400 unique players per day, with a peak of 275 players online at a time on weekends. Players are really enjoying the rotating spotlights that feature some monsters or a dungeon and change each day, and it's usually pretty easy to find a party at spotlight dungeon or monsters. #main chat is lively for conversation.
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TitanRO 5/5/3 Revo-Classic: No donations, no cash shop.

Offline heRO-GM

Re: looking for playable server
« Reply #2 on: Jun 19, 2018, 07:57 PM »
I didn't notice this thread... *Cough*

Anyway, have you heard of heRO? It's a 5/5/3 rates pre-renewal server, Max Levels are 99/50 for nontrans and 99/70 for trans classes and extended. Dual and multi clienting are forbidden, and we have balanced donation system (mostly chance items, all of which are obtainable ingame through various means).

We have several custom features such as fishing, mining, nobility, allegiance system, as well as custom areas such as Thanatos' Basement, Poring Islands, and the Lutia Region. We also have official renewal content customized to fit our pre-renewal mechanics.

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heRO is a friendly, sociable, unique and fun server of 5/5/3 rates with a great community, give it a try!

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