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Author Topic: LF> Mid Rate/Low rate with active BG server (NO 3RD JOBS PLS!!!!!) pre renewal  (Read 1439 times)

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Offline BGfanatic

I am looking for mid/low rate

mvp cards .01

of course active BG.... if possible no "flamers".... hopefully many jolly people... no custom equips like wings pls...

rates should be for real mid rate... custom rate for mvp equip is ok... have this party recruit to ease on level and have fun somehow (abbey or anything alike)


thats all..thnx.... no offense on the above statement pls...


Offline Daifuku.

If you're fine with waiting a while make sure to join our discord server. We announced the project today so it's still pretty quiet but it should change soon enough.
Rates are gonna be 30x/30x/10x floating, it'll be and stay pre-renewal 99/70. Our BG system has a lot of gimmicks and special rewards. MVP cards are 1x rates.
Hope to see you around!

Discord: https://discord.me/ragnaclan

Offline maxine02

Do you like hybrid? easy level but low drop rate? something like x100 EXP x10 normal drop x1 mvp drop. If you do check https://strike-ro.com

BG was just added few days ago.

Offline Mics Ragnarok

Hey there!

Mid Rate = I invite you to join Mics Ragnarok Online!

The server is relatively young, just a few weeks old but we will be implementing BG and WoE once there are enough people to play.

Right now people are just starting to get their levels and equipments, so it's the perfect time to play!

No custom items as well. All official items to play around. We will not implement custom items any time soon.

Check us out here: http://forum.ratemyserver.net/mid-rates/mics-ragnarok-online/

Offline Hagoromo

Hello @BGFanatic,

I would like to invite you to my server and it is just opened yesterday. However Battlegrounds is not being use up to this moment because the players was currently farming. Our rates is 1000x/1000x/100x with 1% Drop on normal cards and 0.01% Drop on mvp cards. I confidently tell you that we have a very good economy. This is a perfect time for you since we just only started and everyone is still farming. I hope you would give it a try. Feel free to contact my anytime if you need assistance.

♦ Battleground Rewards
- BG/WOE Supplies
- Proof of Donation
- Headgears
- Battleground Weapons
- Tournament Sets
- Glorious Sets
- Rune Stones

♦ Battleground Types
- Team Deathmatch / Conquest / Free for All

If you want more details you can check our advertisement page. Everything that you wanted to know is posted there.