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Author Topic: LF> MID RATE SERVER Renewal (returning player from 2005)  (Read 773 times)

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Offline jackiebooy

so yeah, last time i played ragnaork online was around 2005, i played at FaithRO (not sure if anyone remembers it), but damn i loved that server.
Anyway, i got old, friends stopped playing too, and now two of us are itching to get into a good server.
Im playing @NovaRo at the moment(2 weeks in), and im loving it, but some friends got overwhelmed with all the information and slow lvling (which its not the case, lazy bums).
hoping to get some good suggetions on anything from 100x-200x base/job exp lvl?
Population 100+? not too low, we like to participate in woes, hunting mvps etc, we like active communities.
Now that we all work, we're always hoping to pay for some sweet cosmetic items too!  /pif so custom gear is a gogo lol

thanks for any suggetions!


Offline Kaleidoscope

Re: LF> MID RATE SERVER Renewal (returning player from 2005)
« Reply #1 on: Jun 07, 2019, 08:32 pm »
Let me know if you find something i would love to join up and grind with you guys!

Full donator here as well!

Comfortable playing any class <3