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Author Topic: LF> Low/mid rate server with up to date [renewal]equipments,but pre-re mechanics  (Read 801 times)

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Offline sand86id

I'm not too sure if there is such a server that fits my preferences.. but i'm gonna try asking anyway.
Here are my preferences :

Preferable server rate : Low / Mid
Preferable without trashy/huge wings. default ones that immerse well with the original designs of RO like Hibram's ghost, Biolab aura, backpacks,  Item ID# 2573 Archangel_Wings are nice though
Must have : Item ID# 18542 Love_Guard / Benevolent Guardian (which is a set with Item ID# 1631 (Holy_Stick))

Preferably have (or planing to have) up to date renewal items.. Like for example, the judgement/affection set for priests
Not too many custom towards the cards and other equipments (exception towards renewal items, which have to be customized to pre-re stat)
Either 2nd trans/3rd job (with 99 max base stat)

Server population not an issue
PvP / WoE not an issue
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Offline EssenceRO

Hey there~ 

We are exactly what you're looking for.  Http://essencereborn.com

We are a midrate server with renewal features but all pre-renewal mechanics.  Check us out for some amazing fun!