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Author Topic: LF> low rate bot server (useful comments only pls, no haters allowed)  (Read 712 times)

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Offline roplazer

been awhile since i played this kind of server and my last server was so long ago...

here is what i look for

My specific info for server i looking

3x/3x/3x mvp mini boss .01, up to 10x/10x/5x mvp mini boss .01 (preferably lower basejob exp rate than 10  and lower drop rates less than 5 but both will do also)
bot server (not 100%, only for farming normal items and supplies, not MVP)
human WoE and events
official items only
no OP items

thats all thank you...

pls serious replies only....

pre renewal only btw up to trans 99/70...thanks
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Offline Orange

Maybe try the official classic server or re;start ;)

Offline roplazer

thank you for your reply...i find it useful...

only problem is...its revo-classic...and i dont like anything renewal related i forgot to emphasize

Still thanks for your effort and time :) have a nice day

Offline smallvill3

10x exp, 3x drop
Using almost 99% official item
Pre-renewal class
Launched on december 2016
Weekly updated
Well managed forums
Single GM only.
And...yes Bottable server.