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LF> LOW MID pre renew


Minimum rate 30x
Maximum rate 75x
Located in north or south america
new (max 4 months)

Hi there mcloud!
I can offer you Ragnaclan, an upcoming 99/70 pre-renewal midrate server.
We're opening Ocotber 1st and a lot of players are already waiting.

Visit our forum: http://forum.ragnaclan.com/
Server Information: http://forum.ragnaclan.com/index.php?/topic/47-news-server-information/
Website is open for beta registration: ratemyserver.net
Discord: https://discord.me/ragnaclan

Hope to see you around!

Hello :D

BalanceRO is a brand new mid rate server launched at 9th September 2017.

Rates 50x and uniques systems.
Donation items are avaiable via pvm quest or bg badges.
Daily Events hosted by GMs.

Join us at www.balance-ro.com

Hi there,
I can offer you OriginRo
The rates aren't quite as you askes
Rates are 5/5/5 ~ 12/12/5
Can get manual field through voting points (x1.5 exp)

But iur server is located in the u.s. which is  priotery for you.

We got lots of cool features, opening day is today at 20.00

Check our website for more information


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