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Author Topic: LF> 255/120 PRE-RENEWAL  (Read 782 times)

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Offline cady

« on: Jun 18, 2018, 01:17 AM »
Hi im looking for a server

Any rates
196 - 197 max aspd
Kiel base
Ph server
Woe within 6-10pm +8 gmt
100++ players
Old or new server
Good freebies
Solo gpack
Farming/pvp/woe server
Cheap donations
Trans class only
Below 10% drop rate mvp card

If you know one kindly post it here. Thanks


Offline thomaspaarel

Re: LF> 255/120 PRE-RENEWAL
« Reply #1 on: Jun 18, 2018, 07:23 PM »
Hey! You could try RebirthRO.

It has a lot of customization and additional quests to what you have written!

Offline Heydar

Re: LF> 255/120 PRE-RENEWAL
« Reply #2 on: Jun 18, 2018, 10:28 PM »
Hello Cady,

RagniteRo it's a High Rates server 3k/3k/6k, 5.00% Normal cards and 3.00% MvP/Mini Boss cards with 30 minutes respawn for "common" mvps, 2 hours for "rares" mvps and 6 hours for instances. Max Aspd: 194 (Sonic Blow doesn't cancel your Auto-attacks and free cast: 150 dex, the delays are the original from gravity so you need Kiels or a clown in your party. The max level is 255/120, its mechanics are Pre-Renewal 2nd jobs (trans.)

The donations have accessible prices from $2 usd to $20 usd, you can check more about it in the website. About the War of Emperium, its from 10pm to 11pm (+8 gmt) on weekends. The server it's relatively new with 30~35 players during the afternoon/night.

There are a lot of things to do, the Main Room is a map with quests to get Gravity equipment, you can go to instances with other players (Nightmare Pyramids, Hall of Abyss, Poring Village, Overlook Water, Endless Tower, etc), Battleground, WoE, explore the new maps implemented & balanced from the renewal enviroment and more.
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Offline Syphon

Re: LF> 255/120 PRE-RENEWAL
« Reply #3 on: Jun 19, 2018, 07:21 AM »


We have server with many many many custom items mobs instances quests
Please check this page http://wiki.ragnarevival.com/wiki/RevivalRO_Customs

This is our Ragnarok server information!

Server Website:

Basic Information
Base Exp: 100x
Job Exp: 100x
Drop Rate: 20x
Quest Exp:
Max Base Lvl: 255   
Max Job Lvl: 120   
Max Stats: 255   
196 Server Mode:

How to Register?
Languages Supported: We support all languages

Here you can find all information about us https://wiki.ragnarevival.com/

We launched 15 january 300 to 500 players online

Hopefully this is something your looking for!

Hello I am the owner of http://ragnarevival.com