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Author Topic: LF server with pvp on mvp maps - similar to EssenceRO (but not EssenceRO)  (Read 2104 times)

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Offline Tzuridis

First let me say I know EssenceRO has returned but it does not pvp on mvp maps yet and I want to see what else is out there!

The most important feature I want in a rag server is PVP on MVP maps. The reason why I like these type of servers is because it can create random battles between individuals or guilds who are competing for mvps. Random battles are the most fun battles to me, it is like mini-WoE

Rates: 1-300x, prefer if MVP card drops are quite low.

Maximum Level: Doesnt matter

Population range: 40+ players, again doesnt really matter but Id hope for 10+

Geographical Location: Doesnt matter but I hope for a player base where most know English.

Main language: English preferred or a player base where most know English.

Customs: Doesnt matter

Me and my 2 friends have been looking for another server like this for 7 years, I make this post like every year. Have only found one other than EssenceRO and they were both closed down.

Thanks for reading!


Offline Oldschooler

There won't be a server that lasts 7 years. TalonRO is your best bet for stability like that.

Aside from Talon, theres only Renewal servers and mid-rate WoE servers.

Offline madliquid

I have a server that you can join that is similar to what you are looking for. It's PVP focused with a casual arcade style PVP/PK low rate gameplay (plays more like a mid-rate because of the buff system). PVP/PK is open on all field and dungeon maps including the MVP maps. We are still in beta but the server has been active for almost 1 year. Feel free to share with your friends and sign up to join if you like. The server is hosted in the USA and is primarily English speaking. If you have any issues just DM/PM me here. www.LawlessRO.com
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Pre-Renewal LowRate PVP/PK Custom (BETA) www.LawlessRO.com