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Author Topic: LF > Server similar to xilero ex/ez 2006 - 2008  (Read 582 times)

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LF > Server similar to xilero ex/ez 2006 - 2008
« on: Feb 02, 2019, 01:55 AM »
Im hardly looking for a server similar the old xilero ex/ez server in the years 2006 - 2008.

Some details:

- i prefer high rate or super high rate servers
- no godly items ( for ppl that have been played xilero in that time, i guess u guys know that there are only ow,aw,scw and aaw...for headgear theare are two kind : eqw and bh ). Server with extreme pvp, where there are only BH, EQW, SCW, AAW, AW, OW, faith, lust, greed, exile card as the end game equipments.
- No problem with donation itens, but all the players ,donator or non donator, can get it through donation or bought from donator
- full PK server...u can kill other players in all map except in town
- no delay berry is good
- max lvl 255 job lvl max i dont really mind about it
- stat max 255 is good
- atack speed 195 is good
- server with an active market place where the players can buy/trade cards and itens with other players.
- a server where the player dont need to play minigames, pvp rooms, to get any currency and later change that for itens. I like to hunt monsters to get cards or itens and then u can trade or sell it on market place to other players.
- a server without beginner packs/sets, where you get itens to boost xp and stats, making easier to up your level char.

Thank you, guys.
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